We’ve all heard of affirmations but in recent years the concept of ‘afformations’ has been introduced into the self-help arena.  Affirmations are positive statements used in the present tense such as ‘I love and accept myself’.  However, if you have particularly critical inner voice, you may find this impossible to believe. Try an afformation and see how that works for you.

Afformations are a concept introduced by Noah St John. After years of trying affirmations with little success, he realised that there was something missing.  So what’s the difference between the two? Affirmations are posed as a statement, whereas an afformation is a question.

Based on the premise that we have the answers inside and when we ask ourselves a question, our subconscious mind will search for the answer.   Many of us are familiar with questioning ourselves in a judgmental way, so remember to keep these questions encouraging.

How to create an afformation:

Consider a statement that encapsulates what you would love to experience.  Turn it into an empowering question.  Choose one of these suggestions below and use for a minimum of 5-10 minutes each day for at least a week.  You could try this in the shower, whilst exercising or on your way to work.  Make it an integral part of your day.

Try these examples:

1               Why do I love myself right now?

2               Why am I so deserving of love and acceptance?

3               Why do I nurture myself more in each moment?

4               Why do I radiate such amazing energy and vitality?

5               Why do I attract so many loving, supportive people into my life?

6               Why am I living the life of my dreams?

7               Why do I attract increasing abundance on all levels?

8               Why do I continue to attract joyful opportunities?

9               Why do I feel increasingly happy and healthy every day?

10            Why do I easily embrace all that is unique about me?

I would love to hear about what you discover about yourself by exploring this concept.  Let me know in the comments box below.  Share which afformation assisted you in experiencing the most surprising changes.  Good luck!

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