There are so many layers to the wonderful, complex beings that we are.  On a subtle level we have various energy systems including the chakras.  The word chakra derives from a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel.  The chakras are energy centres that align with various organs and body systems.  When we’re experiencing certain emotional or behavioural issues, you can guarantee there will be a problem or energy misalignment in the corresponding chakra. Our feelings and perceptions about ourselves are stored in the solar plexus.  As a multi-tasking human being, it’s easy to fall into comparisonitis when we’re having a bad day or feeling blocked.  We can get distracted by what everyone else is doing and judge ourselves harshly. It’s this type of behaviour that can impact our solar plexus chakra.  I have been receiving a lot of guidance recently about the evolution of the solar plexus on a mass consciousness level and will write more about that in the coming weeks.

I call the solar plexus the ‘self-love chakra’.  This is our power centre, where many issues we are experiencing with low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love can manifest.  This is where any unexpressed fears of rejection, criticism or judgment are stored. All of those feelings about not being ‘enough’ or ‘too much’ build up here. Any blockages relating to these themes have a tendency to live in this area.  The same also applies for someone who is feeling superior to everyone else; a sure sign of an out-of-balance solar plexus. Located in the upper abdominal area, between the sternum and navel, it connects with the element of fire and resonates to the colour yellow.

Lack of self-love can play out in a number of ways when ignored for too long. It can manifest physically with health issues such as digestive problems, anxiety, liver problems, allergies, constipation, fatigue, auto-immune conditions, and on extreme levels with eating disorders and breast cancer.   Rather than waiting until problems develop physically, the ideal scenario is to nourish all parts of ourselves regularly, so that we fill ourselves up with love from within.

How can you support your self-love chakra?

Visualise a golden sun inside your solar plexus, shining brightly and dissolving any stagnation.  Intend to let go of anything you’ve been storing there as you exhale.

Get outside and walk in the sunshine and also receive your Vitamin D intake.

Consciously incorporate yellow coloured fruit and veggies into your diet:  capsicum, sweetcorn, squash, bananas, pineapple, grapefruit and lemon.

Take some time out for yourself.  Even 10-15 minutes each day to bring your focus inwards and connect with your feelings can be lifechanging.  Ask yourself  “what do I need from me now?”

Drink chamomile tea, which is calming for the digestive and nervous systems.

Strengthen your core area with exercise such as Yoga, Pilates or stretching.

Wear a yellow or gold items of clothing and accessories and consciously connect to the colour vibration.

Buy yourself yellow flowers such as roses, tulips, daffodils, gerberas or sunflowers and keep them in a visible place.  

Meditate with a citrine gemstone. Hold it in your hands or place inside a pocket.  It raises self-confidences and promotes joy.  It has many wonderful qualities, including abundance. You can also use with Feng Shui principles and place in the wealth corner.  When we are having issues with self-esteem, this can affect our ability to receive abundance. 


Minimise defeatist self-talk and consciously make an effort to switch to a more positive mindset. There are many tools to assist you with this such as hypnotherapy, journalling, EFT and affirmations.

Start to treat yourself like someone you respect and discern when saying no to others is a yes to you! This seems to be a lesson I have to learn over and over – you teach what you most need to learn 😉

Aromatherapy is a wonderful self-love tool and there are a number of essential oils that resonate with this area.  Juniper, Grapefruit and Lemon are cleansing and release stagnation. You can put a few drops of each into a diffuser, or the bath or you can place a few drops into a base oil such as jojoba and apply.  Roman Chamomile is also very soothing and calming and is usually in a diluted format so that you can apply directly.

Alchemical oils that specifically support the solar plexus: Self-love, Radiance, Innocence, Abundance, Let Go(d), Joy and Authentic.

You can also buy a mini solar-plexus kit here with sample bottles of these 7 Alchemical oils.

Experiment with one of these suggestions each day and see how you feel.  Often there is so much focus on opening our hearts and the heart chakra, which is great – but when we have congestion in the solar plexus it limits our ability to open our hearts.  The more balanced and flowing our self-love chakra is, the more energy can flow up into our hearts.  This fills us up from the inside and creates a beautiful overflow that we can then generously share with others.

The more we can give to ourselves, the healthier and happier we will be in all parts of our lives. If you experience resentment on a regular basis, then this is a good signal that you are not honouring yourself.  Here’s to us all empowering ourselves to be our most loving and happy selves! 

My invitation to you:

Which one of these suggestions can you try right now?  Please share below in the comments and any other ways that you love to nourish your self-love chakra.  If you found this post helpful, please share with your friends.

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