Andrea Louisa Glazier is a native of the UK, has lived in New Zealand and currently lives on the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia.

Andrea thinks she has the best life ever! She wakes up excited, packs her bag for an adventure, heads down to the beach, walks with her feet in the water, camera in hand, takes photos, meditates, exercises, does whatever she likes, eats breakfast in local cafes and the returns home and begins client work around midday.  Around 5.30pm she picks up her camera and returns to the beach to take photos of the sunset.

It wasn’t always this way. She used to live in London and kill herself on the daily commute rushing to appointments and working late. For twenty years she worked in the media as a TV presenter, producer, director and journalist and switched to starting her own business after suffering from adrenal-fatigue and burnout after working 90-hour weeks.

Andrea lives a childfree life by conscious choice and is always ready to boldly affirm her decision. Join us for Andrea’s story!

You will learn the following in this episode:

The niche of childfree women is a growing sector of the population and a target market for many advertisers.

Almost 25% of western women over 40 don’t have children.

Andrea made the choice NOT to have children at age 11, and has been re-making that choice for 31 years.

Andrea loves the freedom and control she has in her life. She has never regretted the decision NOT to devote her life to having and raising children.

She has created a life that feels “really good” and is deeply satisfying.

People with children often don’t understand how a childfree life can be equally fulfilling.

To Andrea, the whole idea of having a man, children, and the conventional lifestyle seemed like a life lacking imagination.

No matter our choices, we all need to realise that people are entitled to different priorities and paths to fulfilment.

Andrea shares that she did become pregnant once but decided not to continue when she realised bearing children was not right for her.

Andrea doesn’t buy into the stereotypic myth of needing to procreate and that the purpose of a woman is motherhood.

Andrea shares details of the population growth and strain on earth’s natural resources. She believes all women should carefully consider the kind of world into which they are bringing children.

Andrea shares the purpose and fulfilment in her life.

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