Randi Buckley writes and coaches emotionally aware, deeply contemplative women about finding their truth with depth and beauty, with life’s big questions and sticky situations.  She is the creator of “Maybe Baby”, for when you hear the whisper of “maybe” in your heart,  “Healthy Boundaries for Kind People” and “The Viking Woman Workshop”.

Today we discuss the nature of ambivalence and our experiences with it.  I was so keen to discuss this with Randi as a fellow woman who has experienced much ambivalence about one of life’s biggest questions.  You can reach Randi here.

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In this discussion you will hear:

Randi knew as a 6-7-year-old girl that she didn’t want to have children, because she equated having a child with NOT being a feminist.

She never saw herself as a mother and was horrified when she heard the whisper of “maybe”.

Randi found that many of her beliefs about motherhood and childbearing were not her own, but were society-driven, such as, “Life without a child will not be fulfilling.”

Randi believed that motherhood would make her into all the things she didn’t want to be.

It’s ok to be ambivalent, but some people (especially well-meaning mothers) will try to talk you out of your ambivalence.

Each woman is the only one who can decide what’s right for her.

We have the responsibility to have compassion for the different roles women play and appreciate those roles.

“Maybe Baby” is a 6-week self-study course in which several hundred women have participated.  The course teaches you how to find what’s true for you and how to be at peace with it. Find out more here.

I do hope you enjoyed this episode about this very important topic. Please share with anyone you feel would benefit. Ambivalence is often a subject that has much shame and embarrassment attached to it.  We would love to dissolve that with compassion and tolerance. Thank you for listening.

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