Welcome!  My guest today is Christine Rose Elle, who is a business and life coach.  She is a certified Beautiful You life coach and the founder of The Heart-Centered Coach Community.  Her passions include styling, beauty, portrait photography, branding, marketing, and all things high-tech.  Her loves furnish her with the perfect set of skills to help other coaches discover their own skills and do meaningful work with their clients.

Christine offers free monthly online training for life coaches and soulful entrepreneurs who want to create and grow their dream business.  She lives and works in a tiny Victorian bungalow in Los Angeles with her husband and two amazingly spoiled dogs.

Christine shares the following about her life without motherhood:

Christine is childless through a combination of choice and circumstances.

She realized early in life that she didn’t want to have children in the same way as many of her friends.

She married early and then divorced at age 30.  It was at age 35 that she had her “epiphany” moment and realized that her whole life to that point had been lived for someone else and not herself.

Other factors played into her decision to not have children.  She carried baggage from a difficult childhood, a chronic health condition, and only negative interactions with doctors.  Regarding the possibility of giving birth, she said, “I CANNOT be that vulnerable.”

She moved to Italy and met the man who is her husband now.  They are content with building their lives together, and the time never seemed right to have a baby.

Christine has never felt intense pressure from family and friends to become a mother, nor has she experienced intense regret or grief over her life choices.

The decision to have children is a huge responsibility, challenge, and commitment.  “It’s not like buying an expensive dress, where you can just take it back if it doesn’t work out.”

Some of the advantages of the relationship between Christine and her husband are the self-actualization and support they can give each other.  Christine also loves the personal time she has to read, write and create.  This wouldn’t be possible if she were busy raising a child.

Christine has many positive aspects to her life without children, and she says she is perfectly happy being “Auntie” to her nieces and nephews.  For her, having dogs also fulfills, in a way, the nurturing, mothering instinct.  Join us for Christine’s story!

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www.christineroseelle.com  (Her website, with links to her Heart-Centered Community and more.)

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