My guest today is Riikka Rajamaki, whose life passion is to help women unlock their creative and intuitive abilities after an experience of an abortion or miscarriage. She teaches women how to move from fear to love by living out one of her life mottos: “It’s better to nourish the seed than to cry over the lost fruit.”

Riikka is the creator of Womb Quest, a certified spirit coach, wellness coach, gifted body worker, trained intuitive, and holds a masters degree in sociology.  Now based in San Francisco, she is originally from Finland, and says it took her years to realize that “the greatest journey we take is inside ourselves.” Her happiness is dependent on personal growth and her ability to remain centered and connected to her spirit. Join us for Riikka’s amazing story!

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In this episode, you will hear:

Riikka’s powerful and personal story of finding herself unexpectedly pregnant at age 36, married to a man who plainly said that his life path did NOT include children.

How Riikka was able, through meditation, to meet the spirit energy of her unborn child and experience guided clarity.

How Riikka, after that “miracle moment,” felt compelled to pursue a meeting with Richard Bartlett, whose metaphysical work she had followed.

How her meeting with Mr. Bartlett resulted in an angelic visit in which the soul of her daughter was assisted to leave.

How Riikka subsequently suffered a miscarriage and entered a year-long grieving process, which included feeling a whole range of emotions.

How Riikka and her husband found healing and a closer connection which led them to begin a business together.

How Riikka’s experience taught her about dimensions of commitment to another person and how she had used and misused love.

Riikka’s advice to others who suffer from guilt or shame? DON’T rush out of the pain or try to avoid it.  Let pure tears have their time. There is a time to grieve, but also a time to realise when a grieving process is complete.

Riikka supports the view that we, as a society, shouldn’t define each other based on whether they have children or not.

Even though having a child expresses creative energy, there are other ways to express creativity also, like touch, writing, and movement.

Riikka has advice for someone seeking meaning and purpose when they realise that a child won’t be a part of their lives: Connect with childhood passions, reconnect with happy moments from childhood, and find inspiration, passion, and joy.

Riikka shares her REAL definition of success and why she meditates to communicate with her spirit EVERY day.

She created her home study course Womb Quest, to teach others how to move from fear to love.  This 16-week course is geared toward those who have lost an unborn child or are grieving some other loss.

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