Welcome! My guest today is Lisa Murray, who is the founder of Creativity Lab. She is an unconventional business coach and prolific writer. She invites you to collectively create a future to be inspired by via her live events and online programs. Join her for one of her free mini e-courses on Embracing Courage, Writing Wild, or Creating Money.

Lisa also offers the Nurture Project and holds an MBA in entrepreneurship and leadership. Lisa is launching three books this year, including Stop Waiting, Start Creating.

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In this episode, Lisa covers the following topics:

Lisa didn’t desire to become a mother, so she was actually relieved when she reached that realisation and was able to put the associated stress aside.

Society “assumes” that every woman will become a mother.

Many people feel obligated to give unsolicited advice to others about the choice they have made being the right thing for everyone!

Having a child is only ONE kind of creative expression, but not the only one.

Lisa asks, “What would I like the world to be like 1000 years from now?

“Exhaustion and burnout are the results of working hard for OTHER peoples’ dreams, and not your own.”

When Lisa was facing burnout, she made a list of the things that made her happy, and was only able to list four things at first.

“If you ever wonder if you are a leader, then go and play with a horse, because the horse will let you know if he is willing to follow you or not.”

Lisa’s favourite way to express her creative energy is by writing.

Lisa is inspired most by those who are kind and nurturing, especially when men show these qualities.

We should all be more compassionate in embracing our differences instead of labelling them “right” or “wrong.”

Lisa speaks about how we can encourage more tolerance in the world and eliminating stereotypes.

Find out how focusing on the present moment can be the secret to happiness.

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