Welcome! Today’s guest is Nicole Graham, an Aussie who currently lives in Hong Kong. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has reinvented her career over the last 25 years. She has studied a range of healing modalities and co-authored two guided writing journals and numerous blogs.

Nicole is a certified online business manager who leads her team of dedicated and experienced specialists in supporting small business with administration and marketing. She and her husband travel extensively and Nicole is happy to share her life experiences in choosing to be child-free.

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In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

Nicole and her husband have made the mutual choice to not have children. They have the understanding that the topic is open for discussion if either of them feels differently.

Nicole was moved by the vast numbers of abandoned, neglected, and unwanted children in China and India, and decided NOT to bring a child into the world.

IF she and her husband ever felt differently about parenthood, then adoption would be their choice.

Their families have been supportive and understanding, but several friends have questioned their decision.

One classic response was, “You’re SO good with animals that you would be a great mother!” (Whoever said that raising animals and children are the same?)

Nicole acknowledges that their lives would be very different if they were raising children, especially regarding money and travel opportunities.

Nicole has also been asked the classic question, “But who’s going to look after you when you’re old?”

In Hong Kong, there is the cultural assumption that younger family members help look after the elderly, and the elderly grandparents assist younger parents by living in and helping care for their children.

Nicole has also experienced looks of pity from others when she explains her child-free life.

Nicole’s advice?  ”Process your decision before you make it known. Have supportive people around you to help deal with the common myths and expectations.”

There are other ways to fill your life besides having children.

Nicole expresses her creativity through art, supporting animal organisations, and working with special needs children and young adults.

She says that her life and its creative expressions give her much more joy than motherhood  ever could.

You can find out more about Nicole here

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