Welcome! My guest today is Dr Chloe Peacock, an experienced commercial research consultant. Chloe was born and raised in the UK, earned a Ph.D. in Consumer Brand Participation and is an expert in Semiotics.

She loves beaches, travelling, the outdoors, and all creatures. She is the founder of the UK Lifestyle Network for Childfree Women, The League of Fabulous Women. Her hope is to gently shift and soften cultural perceptions of women without children and to help these women connect with each other. I resonate so much with Chloe’s message as I feel this is one of THE most important threads in the evolution we are experiencing, with how women define themselves.

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In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

Chloe has always been very comfortable with her ambivalence about motherhood.

Even as a childfree woman, you can still be a caring, nurturing person and have children in your life.

We all have different peak life experiences that we view as huge and fulfilling.

In her mid-30’s, Chloe considered her “fertility window” but never felt the compulsion to plunge into motherhood.

Like many childfree women, Chloe has dealt with pressure from family and friends: “You’d make a GREAT mom! You’re such a caring person!”

The issue of legacy is important to Chloe and she has had many conversations with her father about this topic.

Ultimately, you have to follow your own path.

The League of Fabulous Women started small, as a product of her own experience, and then it grew rapidly. It exists for the purpose of connecting childfree women in friendship.

Like many childfree women, Chloe noticed a dramatic shift in her social life because of others’ pregnancies.

She read about Melanie Notkin’s work and then began meet-up groups of her own.

Women over 40 without children are an increasing demographic for the present and the future.

Not being a mother is no less natural or feminine than being a mother and having children.

There is much cultural mythology surrounding motherhood as THE ultimate feminine experience.

Chloe likes to express her creativity through creating relationships.

For Chloe, the major benefits of NOT having children are the sense of freedom, being able to travel, and being the author of her own life.

The League of Fabulous Women now has meet-up groups in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, and London.  Connect and find out more here.

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