Welcome! Today’s guest is Adrea Peters, who is a writer of her obsessions, such as love, physics, food, wellness, logic, grace, cleverness, wordplay, and imagining the best in herself and others. She retired at age 42 to write full-time. Adrea graduated with a journalism degree as valedictorian of her class at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and then earned her master’s degree in Popular Fiction Writing from Seton Hall University.

Adrea has co-authored several books and apps. In 2015, she and her business partner created Storyteller Ink. It’s a company dedicated to serving writers and helping them find success in completing a book in nine months’ time. If you are an aspiring writer, then Adrea has the plan to help you achieve success! Join us!

In this episode, you will learn:

How BOTH choice and circumstance have played into Adrea’s life choice to NOT be a parent;

How Adrea knew IF she ever had a child, she would want to have a life partner with whom to share the experience;

“I nurture all the time and feel maternal” #childfree Click To Tweet

Adrea’s two main life goals are to find a mate she loves and to have success as a writer;

How she has never felt external pressure to have children;

Adrea believes that women need to take the time to get to know themselves;

Mothers need time and space that their busy, demanding lives don’t allow very often;

“The rules that people follow just aren’t priorities for me.” #childfree Click To Tweet

Being feminine and being a mother are NOT the same thing;

Adrea has creative expression through the time she has to herself, to come to new understandings and awarenesses that she can share with others, through her writing;

How Adrea has dedicated her life to bettering relationships between human beings;

“It’s the little things each day that connect us to others.”#childfree Click To Tweet

How Adrea would never use the terms “childfree” or “childless” to describe herself;

Adrea urges all women to take charge of themselves and their identity.

Find out more about Adrea here and Storyteller Ink here.

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