Now that we are into February, it’s impossible to miss all the heart-shaped, romantic-themed window displays in the shops and special menus being designed by restaurants.  Even if like me, you have a particular love of anything heart-shaped, you can feel as though it’s impossible to avoid.   As we know, when we are trying to avoid something or feeling sensitive about it, it seems to be all that we see..

So if you are currently single and feeling as though you are the only person on the planet who is is not currently experiencing eye-popping, orgasmic bliss as you swing from the chandeliers with a significant other, but would like to be, then this is for you to ponder.

I have prepared a special offer for the month of February with Forgiveness, Intimacy and Passion Alchemical oils.  Passion Alchemical oil is a BONUS gift from me to you.

If you are ready to embark on a new romance but are wondering how to be more prepared, then consider the following.

Check out this brief video from me 😉

Are you still holding on to the remnants of an old relationship?

1) Let the past go with Forgiveness Alchemical oil.  The corresponding affirmation is “I forgive myself” and is ideal is there is anything that you are holding onto from any former relationships.  Do you need to have a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical declutter?  When we can have a good clean up on all these levels, it creates new possibilities.

There could also be something that you are judging yourself harshly for and are struggling to forgive.  Realise that when you are refusing to forgive yourself (or anyone else) you are closing your heart and withholding love from yourself.  Choose to ‘give love again’.

Forgiveness Alchemical oil is very medicinal and strong smelling and really unlocks deeply held recesses in the chambers of the heart.   This is perfect to assist you in creating space for something new.  Light a candle and apply this to your heart and be willing to see where you are withholding love.  

Place your hands over your sacral area and intend to connect with the powerful energy of your womb, an amazing power centre that is often ignored. Ask for any energetic cordings of previous relationships to be gently released as you return any energy that does not belong to you. 

Write a letter to anyone (even yourself) expressing anything that remains unresolved.  Then release it all with love. Burn the paper and bury the ashes in the earth with the intention of transforming all that energy into something new.

Are you REALLY and truly ready to be open to your feelings and heartfelt communication?

2) Allow yourself to be vulnerable with Intimacy Alchemical oil.  Do you expect others to be open and vulnerable and communicate from their hearts?  Yet how comfortable are you in truly  expressing yourself in this way. So often we long for this deep, intimate connection and yet we expect a guaranteed, particular outcome before we let ourselves really open up to someone.  There is nothing wrong with being discerning, but there is also much to be said for being in the present moment and taking a chance on love.  Prepare yourself for a mutually empowering, healthy exchange with Intimacy Alchemical oil and its affirmation I find freedom in my vulnerability.

Apply this to your sacral, hips, wrists and ankles with the intention of opening up your energy flow to a love that is mutually empowering, healthy and balanced. This divine Alchemical oil even smells intimate with its divine, aromas of sandalwood, palmarosa and patchouli in a base of organic jojoba and apricot oils.  Also beautiful in the bath by yourself (or with a partner if you are intending to improve the energy flow between the two of you.)

Are you waiting for that ‘special someone’ before you embark on exciting activities?  Guess what…you are that special someone.

3) Don’t put your life on hold!  Re-ignite your lust for life with Passion Alchemical oil and the affirmation “I live my passion.”  Please don’t delay anything exciting that you would really love to do, whether it’s taking that dream holiday, starting your own business or embarking upon a fun new activity.  Life is short and we never know what is around the corner.  There is nothing more disappointing than looking back and having regrets.  The more you can focus on what lights you from the inside and live , the more likely you are to connect with someone who is really compatible with you.  Light your own fire baby and watch the sparks fly! 😉

This is a great Alchemical oil to use in the morning when you are intending to have a motivated and active day with its fiery energy of ginger, sweet orange and cinnamon.  Apply to your sacral, abdominal area with the intention of strengthening that flow between your sacral and heart energies.

I feel sooo strongly about this topic that I am going to give you a FREE bottle of Passion as part of this special package with Forgiveness and Intimacy Alchemical oils.  Then I want to hear if you notice any shifts within you and how this plays out for you 😉

 Get the February special offer here!

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