Welcome! Today’s guest is Cherie Hausler, a freelance food writer, stylist and restaurant owner. She operates from Sydney to Bangkok, to the Barossa Valley in South Australia. She lives her life in the fresh country air and is dedicated to experiencing good food in its entirety.

Cherie believes that there are few things in life that can’t be helped with a fabulous cup of tea! Visit Scullery Made to learn about her unique teas. (Highly recommend her full moon chai!)

“A mother’s love is an unconditional love not restricted to biology or species.” Click To Tweet

Cherie shares the following about her life:

The decision whether to have or not have a child is the biggest and most emotional topic for a woman.

Cherie has made the choice to not have a child as a result of much “deep thinking” and consideration.

People assume if you don’t have children that you don’t like children. Cherie says, “I ADORE children!”

Cherie was adopted, and has met her birth mother.

Cherie’s parents adopted two children, and then had a biological son who passed away at 6 months. They lost another son to premature birth and then proceeded to adopt Cherie. Cherie’s Mother loves all her children equally.

Cherie has experienced the supernatural love of a mother

Many women without children are caring, nurturing, and mothering.

Cherie has felt some pressure from others to have a child, and even worked as a nanny for nine years. She has loved and looked after many kids.

Cherie has learned that there are over 45,000 children in Australia in foster care due to the breaking down of the family unit.

Cherie is also sensitive to the issues about our planet and our natural resources being depleted.

She looks at bleak lives being lived around the world and has decided to put love and care into the lives that already exist.

Consider how many disposable nappies (diapers) are sent to landfills around the world. Having a child is a much bigger issue that “just having a child” (staggering statistics mentioned)

The creative force that all of us feel can be manifested in other ways besides creating a child.

Sometimes the creative urge that women mistake for the desire for a child, is really the desire to create something else! An idea to consider…..

Find out more about Cherie here.

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