Welcome!  My guest today is Star Khechara, also known as “Miss Monetisation.” She’s a passive income strategist and e-course expert for leading women. Her online academy, Passive Income Rocks, has helped hundreds of women (and some men!) monetize their passions, knowledge, and expertise into automated recurring income for maximum impact.

Star created The Wealth-Gasm for women, because “Smart women sell their knowledge, and not their time.” Find Star and more information about her work here.

One of the aspects I really appreciated about this episode is Star’s honesty in expressing what some may feel is taboo to mention. Everyone is entitled to their perspective and it’s important to create a space where every woman’s voice is heard.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

Star always knew that she didn’t want to have children since she was very young.

She wanted to walk a different path and not experience the whole marriage/mortgage lifestyle.

At age 40, Star realised that the urge (to have a child) never came, in fact, the urge to NOT have children became stronger with greater clarity.

When Star got married in her 20’s and her husband wanted children, and ALL her friends were having children, she realised that still did not want to have a child.

“I don’t like being responsible for living things. I get nervous if I have a houseplant!”

Growing up, her sister was the exact opposite as far as wanting to have that mothering experience.

Since Star has always been open and outspoken about her wishes, she has never experienced pressure from family members about having children.

Star loves being an aunt.

People who don’t want kids should not feel alone.

The issue of having/not having kids can make or break friendships.

One dilemma is how to handle having visitors to your home with their small children.

Star has had to figure out how to handle being around other people’s children with tact and without being offensive.

Parents have a duty to NOT wreck everyone else’s world when they take their children out.

Star’s creativity is expressed through dance, graphic design, setting up businesses, writing and mentoring other women.

Star expresses her viewpoint about how we are socially conditioned, and the stigma surrounding child-free women, but not men.

Star loves to play with children, but can’t fathom the 24/7 emotional needs of a child and does not want that experience.

The language describing a woman without a child is not easily defined. “Childless” and “Child-free” both have negative or inaccurate connotations.

Visit Star and find out more about her work here.

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