Welcome! Today’s guest is Kelly Surtees, a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer, and editor. She works with clients and students around the world, sharing her infectious passion for astrology. With 14+ years in private practice, Kelly is warm, experienced, and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history and loves escaping into the ocean.

Kelly’s specialty areas include career, life direction, health, fertility, love, health, and happiness. Kelly meets clients and lectures throughout the US, Canada, and Australia, though she makes Canada her current home. Connect with Kelly here.

I have so been looking forward to this episode, as astrology is a topic that has always fascinated me. I love learning how our birthchart can be a supportive tool in understanding ourselves at a deep level. I hope you find this conversation as interesting as I do!

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

Kelly made a conscious choice in her early 20’s to NOT have children.

She grew up as the oldest of six kids, never really wanted her own, and always felt like her siblings were, in a way, her “kids.”

Kelly was fortunate to have two aunts who were terrific childless role models and made it seem NOT weird or unusual.

Kelly later married a man with two children from a previous relationship, so she does fulfil the step-mothering role.

Kelly asserts that childless women have an important role to play in society today.

Within any population around the world, there is a consistent 10% of women who don’t have children; this number is higher in some places, like the US, where it is as high as 50%!

In the astrological community, TIMING is a major issue and has to be perfectly aligned for a child to result.

One of Kelly’s specialities is working with women who want to conceive, using charts to predict fertility potential and other contributing factors

Two main astrological factors that impact fertility are the moon and the fifth house.

In astrology, the moon is an important factor for health and vitality; the determinant is what the moon phase was when you were born.

Kelly explains the significance of the 5th house and 11th house and how the moon represents your unconscious self and private feelings.

Start with knowing your moon sign!

Kelly discusses the nuances of the stepmother role, knowing your partner has had the childbirth experience with another woman – a special experience that cannot be replicated.

It’s unfair and inaccurate to call those without children “selfish.”

From a young age, Kelly realised that being a parent and raising a family is extremely hard work.

Kelly expresses her creativity through her astrology work and writing blogs, articles, and e-books.

For Kelly, the major benefits of NOT having children are that she can delight in other people’s children, freedom with time and money, and overall flexibility.


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