Welcome! My guest today is Alana Helbig, the host of the She Makes Magic podcast. Alana is a wild-hearted gypsy, writer and blogger. She’s passionate about living life with purpose, and her musings on this topic have been featured in various publications.

Alana moved on from the corporate world for something more in tune with the life she wanted to live. Her podcast showcases real stories from real women who have left ill-fitting lives behind to follow their dreams and their wild hearts. 

Alana’s core message is:  We need to find ways to come back to what is true and right for each of us. Click To Tweet

What you’ll hear in this episode:

How witnessing firsthand that motherhood is not a “walk in the park” spurred Alana to make the personal choice to not have kids.

For many years, Alana focused on building her career in the IT industry.

Her life included a great relationship, great friends, and a great life—but too much alcohol and drugs.

At age 28, Alana asked herself some big questions: “What am I doing? What good do I bring to the world?”.

How volunteering to help sea turtles in Costa Rica changed the course of her life.

How she felt that a career change would help her make a difference in the world.

Why Alana needed to break off her relationship to embark on a healing journey to rediscover the part of her soul that had been forgotten.

How Alana connected with her sexuality and tore down all walls to reveal her true self.

In the past, Alana felt swayed and influenced into behaving in ways that were accepted and expected.

How breaking off the bonds of conformity are necessary to align with what you were meant to be.

Be inspired when you connect with Alana at www.shemakesmagic.com. This is one of my favourite podcasts so I highly recommend!

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