Welcome! My guest today is Carren Smith, an author, speaker, presenter, and podcast host. She’s an all-around amazing lady who has helped thousands transform their lives and businesses through her unique approach to self-leadership.

Carren believes that magic happens when clarity, passion, and action are engaged. She has presented to over 450,000 people across the globe over the last seven years. She writes for many publications and delivers up to 18 live seminars across Australia each year.

Carren is the author of Soul Survivor, the account of her fight for survival in the 2002 Bali bombing.

Carren loves leading others to find their voice and message through her philosophical approach to life.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

Carren says it just “never occurred” to her that she wouldn’t have kids.

She was interested in becoming an entrepreneur and wanted to pursue her career, more than a family.

Carren realised that the natural path for her to feeling fulfilled and satisfied didn’t include motherhood.

At age 36, she was ready to focus on something other than herself and tried to get pregnant.

She had a tumour removed from her ovary, but couldn’t get pregnant. “The universe made the decision for me.”

Often, it seems that the very thing we aren’t sure of, is what the world reflects back to us.

Carren finds inspiration by tapping into time and space to figure out what is important to her for RIGHT NOW.

Carren explains how to pick a random feeling and figure out where it came from.

“We become the instructor for what we want the mind to experience.”

Carren suggests exploring self-discovery work when you’re already in a good place.

All the pressure we put on ourselves as women could be a reason why so many women struggle to become pregnant these days.

Many of Carren’s clients are mothers, looking to “find themselves” and become a stronger role model for their kids.

Some people want a way through the “parent guilt” and “mother guilt” of raising a family.

Ultimately, we (women) are all the same, whether or not we have children.

People who judge others most often feel inadequate in themselves.

“Nobody has a crystal ball to see the future; if you feel right now that you want to start a family, then go for it!”

We can’t control people and situations.

“Get into the game and keep playing the game.”

There are many paths available to us in this world if we step fully into it. Carren also explains why the voice in your head should come with enthusiasm and excitement!

Find out more about Carren and her inspirational work here.

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