Welcome to a special episode! Today the tables are turned and I’m being interviewed by my close friend Mariana Rudan. 

I met Mariana when I first arrived in Sydney years ago and we worked together, and she’s been a close friend ever since. images

Mariana is a journalist, presenter, newsreader, singer songwriter, travel lover, mother of two adorable children, and an amazing cook! She also speaks a few languages, so is a very talented lady.

Sharing a little of my personal story seemed like a great way to mark the first year of the podcast and to celebrate International ChildFree Day, which is August 1. 


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What you’ll hear in this episode: 

  • About Michelle’s molar pregnancy several years ago.
  • She had always felt resistant to the assumption of ‘having to have children’.
  • At 10 weeks, she knew something was wrong and felt unwell the entire time. Diagnosis: “molar pregnancy”—abnormal cell growth in the uterus, when the embryo doesn’t develop, but the placenta keeps proliferating.
  • How a molar pregnancy is linked to a pregnancy-related cancer.
  • How the pregnancy was a catalyst for ending Michelle’s marriage.
  • The reason for the title of the podcast.
    When women don’t follow the “normal” script of life
  • How judgment of women has played out in the media recently.
  • The feedback Michelle has received from the show over the past year.
  • “We all have a different story—and that’s OK.”
  • The incorrect assumption that every woman feels the “clock ticking” when Michelle hears all the time from women, who never have that experience.
    The statistics: Almost 25% of women over 40 don’t have children, and the numbers are steadily increasing worldwide. Around a third of couples in Australia don’t have children.
  • The many factors that play into the decision not to have children.
  • “Every woman’s path is unique to her.”
  • How society can change the perceptions and stop the judgment by supporting the choices of ALL women.
  • Michelle’s relationship and playing the role of stepmother.
  • No right or wrong—it all comes down to individual beliefs and value systems
  • “No children” doesn’t mean “no responsibilities” and often childless or childfree women can feel taken for granted in other areas of their lives.
  • Opportunities to channel creative energy in a different direction.

Questions to ask: What do you love? What makes you angry? Where do you feel there is injustice? What are you curious about? What brings out the best in you?

What if YOU are the one person in your circle that’s meant to create a different path that inspires others and opens their hearts and minds to a different possibility?

Thank you so much for listening to this very personal episode.

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Each woman's path is unique to her Click To Tweet

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