Today’s guest is Jules Galloway, who lives in Australia, whilst working as a passionate naturopath, speaker, podcaster, and recipe creator.

Jules is the host of Shiny Healthy You podcast and loves surfing, hanging out with her husband and elderly rescued dogs, and walking the famous Byron Bay lighthouse track. 

Jules recently returned from working as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece. She was drawn to this work and feels that her childfree entrepreneurial lifestyle allowed her the freedom to pursue that dream and fulfil that desire. 

Jules knows all too well the toll that unhealthy living can take on mind and body. She went through a challenging childhood and youth, and then lived a party lifestyle for over a decade. She ditched the stressful city life for a fresh start and a peaceful setting in beautiful Byron Bay.

After being diagnosed with Pyrrole disorder, adrenal fatigue, and a gene mutation, Jules learned the importance of nourishing herself with whole foods, supplements, happiness, gratitude, and a good sense of humour. With 10+ years of clinical experience as a naturopath, Jules has made it her mission to help women find their SHINE again through her work and her e-courses. Do you need help finding your SHINE? Join me to hear more from Jules!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How both choice and circumstance have led to a childfree, 17-year marriage.
  • Thoughts of having children were put on the back burner until she was about 30.
  • Six months of trying for a pregnancy, and then a hiatus to buy a house.
  • Busy with careers, and then a diagnosis of endometriosis.
  • The pushy doctor who said, “Don’t wait until it’s too late!”
  • More health issues for Jules: adrenal fatigue, Pyrrole disorder, hormone issues, and a gene mutation problem.
  • The move to Byron Bay, hoping for a quieter life and restored health
  • Perfect house (for kids), perfect yard (for kids), perfect place (for kids)—but no kids!
  • Weighing the pros and cons of what it would take to get pregnant.
  • How friends influence the pressure you feel to have or not have kids.
  • Dealing with family pressure, especially from a mother-in-law who desperately wants to be a grandmother.
  • How to cope when those little moments of grief come?  Refocus on the joys and benefits of a child-free life:
    • More time to focus on entrepreneurship.
    • Freedom for surfing and other enjoyable activities.
    • More time and attention to focus on husband, marriage and friendship.
    • Never forgetting to be grateful for the freedom
  • How Jules focuses her creative energy on a nurturing force in her business and with her clients.
  • NOT having to decide who to focus energy on EVERY moment of EVERY day
  • Being able to drop everything and go to a friend in need.
  • The “Spare Auntie” who can help and support other mothers.
  • Indirect pressure from friends.
  • How Jules feels about parenthood in light of her personal childhood experiences.
  • Respecting the different path and journey of every woman.
  • Why fear of regret is NOT the best reason to decide to have a baby.

Find out more about Jules and her work here.

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