Welcome to Unclassified Woman. Today’s episode is one that I know are you going to enjoy so much. Filled with so many nuggets of wisdom, so you may even want to grab a notebook! 

Laura Hollick is an award-winning Artist, Shaman, and Visionary Guide based in Canada. After walking 10,000 km on a vision quest, Laura clarified her purpose and dove headfirst into realising it and making it a reality. She is the founder of Soul Art Studio Inc, a business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration and unique artistic creations.

Laura’s life and art have been featured in a documentary produced by Bravo TV called “The Artist’s Life: Laura Hollick.” She’s hosted and produced over 500 radio shows, and has given a fabulous TED talk called “You are the Art“. She inspires audiences all over the world with global events that feature her art and insights, such as the upcoming International Soul Art Day (25th May), the Global Vision Quest, the Yoni Art Project and the nü Icon Movie.

Do you yearn for more connection with your feminine energy?

Women have the ability to harness that energy to express their creativity in so many ways, and Laura is an expert on the topic. (You will notice I kept saying “YES” repeatedly 😉 

She shares what she’s discovered about the connection between the menstrual cycle, sexuality, money, creativity, art, and the moon cycle. You don’t want to miss our fascinating conversation, that weaves together so much feminine wisdom! I had so many ahas listening to Laura.

“There’s a changing point in the consciousness right now. Women are recognising their
roles as not just being a wife and birthing babies, but that they have the capacity to create in wonderful ways.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Your “Yoni”: the spiritual centre and sacred gateway to Divine Feminine energy;
  • Laura’s background: how feeling disconnection as a child, inspired her imaginative art and a way to bring dreams into her physical life;
  • Art as a “home for the soul”;
  • The body’s physical connection to the energy of creation;
  • A woman’s role—NOT just to create babies and how we can work with the womb energy to create anything and everything;
    Childless and childfree women can harness this energy to create too.
  • The biggest block in connecting with creative power can often be unresolved trauma of the past;
  • Why we often can’t handle the healing required to create a “safety container” at certain times.

What do you need to feel safe in your soul to have clarity in your life?

  • The fully expressed woman in desire and truth;
  • Connecting through orgasmic pleasure;
  • Learning your unique seasons and rhythms;
  • The menstrual cycle:
    • New moon, day 1—higher levels of insights and visions that fuel action
    • Full moon—ripening and receiving energies
    • Waning moon—darker reflective energy
  • Gleaning the nutrient energy of the life-giving menstrual blood and how to use this to support our creations. How Laura works very consciously with this energy.
  • Connection between sex, money, and menstrual blood;
  • How our energy moves in its natural flow of circulation;
  • Either you’re on your true life-track or you’re not;
  • An exciting time for women to be anchored and grounded;
  • International Soul Art Day is on May 25th: a global event with virtual connection to women everywhere!
  • Join this Soul event, wherever you are in the world!

 Learn more about Laura’s work and art here, and don’t forget to take the Yoni Personality Quiz!

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