This is a topic that I’m asked about regularly. I have many but decided to list 5 of my favourite self-love rituals. These are sacred practices that I have developed over the last 15 years or so, during my own personal spiritual explorations and study.  

In no particular order:

Light a candle with intention

I adore lighting candles and do so most evenings (not candles created from paraffin which are petroleum based).  I use either soy or beeswax.  Occasionally I light a candle during the day too if I am meditating with a specific intention. As I light the candle I dedicate the flame to a specific cause or intention. For example, ‘please assist me with bringing peace to my thoughts/beliefs about x’.  I’m always so happy to receive candles as a gift (from myself and others). They really are one of my simple pleasures and looking at the flame makes me feel immediately centred. Here’s a simple candle gazing meditation practice you can play with.

Make sure the room is clean and tidy, so that you are not distracted by your surroundings. Sit with the candle as close to eye level as possible, so that  you are not straining your neck or shoulders in any way. Intend to spend about ten minutes the first time you try this practice. It’s important to be comfortable and natural position.  Keep your gaze relaxed and focus on the flame, allowing the image to fill your mind. If thoughts arise, as they are bound to do, just bring your focus back to gazing upon the flame. It can often be interesting if you hold a certain intention in your mind. For example, if you need to make a decision about something you can intend for the fire energy of the flame to assist in  purging any confusion you may have on a mental level.  Also the images that you perceive in the flame can often be very insightful.

Smudging with sacred herbs  


I like to clear stagnant energy and create a sacred space 2-3 times a week by smudging. My favourite time to carry out this ancient ritual is on a Sunday morning. It’s so calming and peaceful and I then go for a walk and intend that my space harmonises itself in my absence.  As I have a home-based business I feel this is really important for me. It helps to keep me centred and focuses my energy.

Smudging is an ancient ritual carried out by Indigenous people all over the world and feels very special. It’s a beautiful thing to do and you can combine with a heartfelt prayer. I also call upon the original owners and guardians of the land and my dwelling space and ask for their assistance for the highest good of all beings.   I tend to move in a clockwise direction starting from my front door and as I live in small apartment it doesn’t usually take very long. I have all the windows open with the intention of releasing any stagnant build up of unexpressed, trapped and repressed thought-forms and emotions.  There are a number of combinations that you can use such as sage and lavender, which is my favourite.  As I leave to go out for my walk I invoke the Ascended Master, St Germain of the Violet Flame and ask for all residue to be transmuted into golden light.


Sound Healing with a Tibetan Bell

I am a HUGE fan of sound healing for both myself and also space clearing. This is my divine bronze Tibetan bell that I bought when I was trekking in the Himalayas several years ago.  The purpose of this is for space clearing and to bring harmony into your surroundings. I love to use this a couple of times each week. I tend to use after tidying and vacuuming and focus my intention specifically in corners of each room, where energy can collect.  Working intentionally with sound is one of the most powerful and quickest ways to change our mood and energy.  Just consider how you feel when you hear certain pieces of music.  The sound of the bell immediately creates an opening in the energy field and settles everything in a balanced way. Try it.

Creating an altar   

Depending on what’s happening  in my life I like to create an altar each weekend that focuses my intention for the week to follow. I also give thanks the week gone by.  I buy myself flowers each Friday which I call my little ‘Friday Flowers’ ritual, so I will include those.  I also usually add a couple of crystals and cards that connect with the theme that I have chosen to focus my energy upon.  As you can see from this photo, I am focussing on the topic of abundance and have energised my intention with citrine (including tumblestones in the vase of flowers), my favourite rose quartz heart and will use Abundance Alchemical oil each day.  I am bringing more love into my relationship with money and will also be following this up with additional practices over the coming week. More on this topic to come very soon.

Soaking in the bath

self-love bath

I get my best ideas in the bath and usually end up there 3 nights each week. Water is so healing and cleansing on many levels as we connect with that element, which also resonates with our emotional state.  I do also have 3 planets in Pisces so yes I’m a water baby!  I meditate on a problem, seek a solution and then surrender it as I empty the water out when I’ve finished. I create my own concoctions by mixing an Alchemical oil with himalayan or epsom salts, depending on my intention. I also like to add some crystal tumble stones, such as rose quartz and a few petals. It’s also extremely cleansing for your auric field using intention and of course salt (much like the healing benefits of seawater).

So now I’ve love to hear from you. What are your favourite sacred self-love rituals?  Did this give you any ideas? Please share this post with your friends and let’s spread the self-love practices.


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