I regularly reflect on the incredible ladies that I’m continually inspired by in my world.  So if you are not yet familiar with this lovely bunch (and I’d be surprised if you weren’t) then I invite you to let them into your world.

Jo Klima of The Darling Tree


Name says it all.  I came across Jo a few years back via Susannah Conway’s blog and immediately decided that one day I would ask Jo to redesign my blog page.  So last year I did!   It was such a pleasant experience to work with Jo.  She’s clear, professional and just knows what she’s doing (always a bonus!) and gets on with it in a drama-free way. Highly recommend asking her to grace your online babies.   Jo works with feminine creatives and I love the girly, whimsical, dreamy feel that Jo’s work emanates.  Drool on this lovely lady’s latest gems ‘Maps To Herself’ and ‘Make Art Monday’ if you are in need of boosting your creative juices (and even if you don’t!).  Be warned: you’ll fall in love with her divine creations. Check out Jo here. I adore her work!

Rachel MacDonald of In Spaces Between 

Blogging Queen/Blogging Mentor Angel and all round lovely person, Rachel does an amazing job of brightening up the  blogosphere and beyond.  Her beautiful blog is like a gigantic ray of sunshine and she’s now  blessing blogging aspirants with her latest colourful offering “Bright eyed and Bloghearted”.  Another of her creations Spirited burst forth to much acclaim a few months ago with the equally delightful Tara Bliss of Such Different Skies (more to come about this lovely in a later post).   If you are keen to learn from one of the best and brightest then check out her online haven here.  You can also read a guest post written by Rachel ‘Trusting The Universe Has Your Back“. It’s always inspiring to see what she’s up to.

Louise Thompson “The Busy Woman’s Guide To High Energy Happiness”


I had the good fortune of spending an evening with this fellow Brit and hearing her personal story of how she descended into chronic adrenal fatigue and brought herself out of it. Whilst doctors were telling her ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’ even though she could barely lift her head or get out of bed, Louise knew she had to find out the answers for herself. Even though I’ve not had adrenal fatigue specifically, I have experienced anxiety and depression and have always been interested in ways to support my energy levels.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their own health and happiness. Jampacked with resources and thought-provoking questions and exercises for self-enquiry, this is a book that I’m guessing will become very well-thumbed over the years. Order here.

Ezzie Spencer, The Spencer Methodunnamed

I met Ezzie Spencer last year at an event after previously connecting online. She’s a genius Goddess who wears a few different hats. With a PhD in Women’s Wellbeing, a law career and a popular star-gazing, moon-loving consultancy, she assists women to align themselves to their lunar cycle.  This is an incredibly powerful way of helping women to be productive and work with natural rhythms, rather than against them. 2013 was a very frustrating year for me. Ezzie took one look at my astrological chart for the year and summed up in a nutshell exactly how I’d been feeling all year – wondering why I hadn’t just slept through the whole thing. What a relief to realise that there was an explanation!  I highly recommend you check out Ezzie’s free mini moon course here and get on this extremely busy lady’s waitlist!

Vienda Maria, The Gypset Guideimage2

The jetsetting Vienda and I both contributed a chapter to the book “Love & Oneness”, alongside luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Danielle Laporte and Lisa McCourt a couple of years ago.  I regularly go into a daze as I check out Vienda’s latest travel and life adventures. She has mastered the art of being location-independent and coaches others on how to achieve what is a dream for many.  She always has some interesting perspectives to share on life.  Her latest offering is “The Gypset Releasing Rituals 7 Day program‘ to help you bridge the gap between your inner and outer worlds, your spirit and your body and unify them into a tangible experience and place a special moment in your heart, soul and memory as you move through life. In order to make space for change and move forward in our lives, we often need rituals that help us separate one chapter from the next.  As usual I love her style of writing which is very flowing and evocative.  Check her out.

For more ladies I love, check out another post here.

Tell me in the comments below – how have these ladies helped you?  Which other ladies do you love?

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