Welcome to today’s episode of Unclassified Woman. I have a treat for you today.

Have you ever wanted to get more in tune with your body’s natural rhythms? For women, one effective way is by acknowledging the seasons that are within the monthly cycle. Even if you don’t bleed any more, this is still relevant for you.

My lovely guest will have you throwing out the scales, booking the flight, launching the blog, and falling back in love with your life. She knows the missing key when it comes to women’s wellness, and she wants to share it with you! Listen with us to learn about harnessing that creative wisdom within our bodies as we align ourselves with our natural rhythm.

Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach and writer currently based in London. Through her popular e-books, blog, online courses, and live workshops, she teaches self-care, creative rekindling, how to live life aligned with your menstrual cycle, and how to be kind to yourself and the world. Join us now!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why Claire’s interest in the menstrual cycle stemmed from her own problems with her cycle.
  • Letting go of the idea of having ‘control’ over your cycle.
  • How contraception interfered with her self-esteem and self-awareness.
  • The sacrifices women make with long-time contraception usage.
  • Re-attuning to your body’s natural cycle:
    • Clean up your diet with healthy food and supplements
    • How Chinese medicine can help
  • An overview of the seasons mirrored within your cycle, through the follicular phase, luteal phase, and post-ovulatory phase.
  • Relating feminine archetypes to the female cycle.
  • Mothering yourself with an internal focus.
  • Nurturing energy for yourself instead of always for others.
  • Craving the connection with the natural world.
  • Using the different energies of the seasons to tap into creativity.
  • Feminine and masculine balance.
  • Creativity when you feel blocked or stuck.
  • In Italy: days of leave for women around their menstrual cycle?
  • Structuring days and lives around cycles.
  • When you should pull back and let things go.
  • A song that embodies the energies of each season of the cycle: How Claire aligns herself with music!
    • Spring: Work by Rihanna and Drake
    • Summer: Milkshake by Kelis
    • Fall: anything by Alanis Morissette
    • Winter: Anything by Annie Lennox

Find out more about Claire and her work here.

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