Welcome to a special episode of Unclassified Woman today with the inspiring Clare Dubois.

Clare is the founder of TreeSisters, which is a feminine nature-based organisation, inspiring the world’s women to take shared leadership and responsibility for tropical reforestation.



TreeSisters reflects Clare’s exploration of the links between feminine consciousness and nature’s intelligence. She and her team experiment overtly to figure out how to call forth the unique capacities and creativity of women on behalf of trees. They aim to be funding ONE MILLION trees per month by the end of 2017! It’s time for an eco-revolution!

Clare is known for her direct catalytic energy, her whole systems approach to behavioural change and her unending loyalty and love for the natural world. 

For two decades, Clare created behavioural change processes within the personal growth and social change sectors and volunteered for three years as the UK coordinator for a massive agro-forestry initiative in southern India called Project Greenhands. Her aim in life is to reclaim balance, rediscover freedom and health, and to be walking permission for those who are fed up with being held back and just want to “have a go.”

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I believe that Clare is a great example of this and a role model for us all. She’s someone who has thrown herself into her life mission, and she explains eloquently how female leadership and eco-revolution are a natural partnership.

“I had a complete mind-bending experience realising the depth of ecological destruction that we’re in. I knew it was bad, but I had an educational experience that floored me. I knew I had to do something.” Clare Dubois

What you’ll hear in this episode:

Clare’s background as a business coach and intuitive, working in education and living her passion for consciousness and helping people find liberation;
How she went to India to find enlightenment and found Project Greenhands;
Why we must realise that our planet is in peril;
The combination of spirituality, social justice, and ecology;
What it will take to wake up humanity;
Clare’s car accident as a catalyst and the personal message she received about reforesting the tropics through the women of the world;
The link between women and reforestation within the female receptive space;
How today’s people are stealing from future generations;
The process of discovering how to engage and encourage;
How we live as humans and as women;
Embodying the intellectual changes that must come as we deepen our understanding;
Cooling the planet by reforesting: all because of CO2 absorption;
The mycelial network that links all the trees in a forest;
The Amazon rainforest: it’s the size of the moon, but 40% degraded;
The rising and falling of water vapour: the heartbeat of the forest that has disrupted the rainfall;
Things that happen because of trees:
Trees absorb CO2 and trap the heat that causes global warming.
If the trees aren’t there, the CO2 dissolves in the oceans and harms the food chain there.
We need kelp and trees because they are most effective at sequestering carbon.
Why we need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels;
Why staying plugged into technology means you can’t listen to your intuition;
Clare’s 9-day nature awakening trip and its benefits and correlation to womb awakening;
The reality of the blessed life of Western women compared to most women around the world—all amidst the destabilisation of our planet;
Clare’s damage from childhood abuse;
Yearning to be pregnant, but not wanting a child;
Why TreeSisters is everything parenting is about; 
The profound privilege of women in giving back;
Exciting upcoming focus for TreeSisters.
Humanity is running out of time, but it’s not over yet. It’s going to take everyone rising to the challenge to get through what is coming.

“The single greatest threat facing humanity is fear of failure, but you can call everything you do ‘an experiment’. You can’t fail at an experiment; you can only learn.”

Go to Billion Trees here and join the campaign. Become a Treesister here.

I do hope you enjoyed this episode with this important message from Clare. Please join us and become a Treesister!

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