Welcome to another great episode of Unclassified Woman with the fabulous Yamini Toohey.

Do you have regrets about the choices you’ve made regarding having or not having children? Many people make a decision and then wish they had made a different choice, but not my guest today. She made the conscious decision to NOT become a mother and to pursue her own dreams in life.

Yamini Toohey is based in Sydney, Australia, and is an astrologer, educator, entrepreneur, and the founder of Global Woman. One of her favourite things in life is seeing women get energised about stepping into their power, finding a life that’s theirs, and living revolutionary lives. She believes that this time of personal, cultural, and planetary change is the time to bring forth new ways of living, relating, and economy.

Yamini started Global Woman because she wholeheartedly believes that the revolution will be feminist-connected and global. Every day she goes to bat for her Global Woman sisterhood, helping them to call on their intuition and hustle, slashing through obstacles fearlessly, boldly, and powerfully.

Yamini’s soul work champions women to explore, evolve, and embody boldness, fierceness, creativity, power, and ambition, which are universal themes in every woman’s life. I can highly recommend Yamini’s work!



“It took me a long time to love and understand my menstrual cycle and realise that it is a creative act. It helped me be curious about the world and want to create.” Yamini Toohey” 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • As one of eight children, Yamini saw that mothering was hard work and caused her mother to give up a lot of herself.  She chose to be childfree, saying, “There is no way I could do this. I don’t have the bandwidth.”
  • How she felt pressure, not from her mother, but from others who would say, “Your time is running out!” Complete strangers would pass judgment on her fertility, but she never waivered about her decision.
  • How she made unconscious decisions to have relationships with men who were NOT interested in having children.
  • How she became pregnant once, but then miscarried, which was the best thing that could have happened. It taught her that she couldn’t be carefree about birth control if she clearly didn’t want children.
  • Having and raising a child is serious business and should not be taken lightly.
  • How some men assume that EVERY woman’s dream is to have a child, even though many mothers say, “I want my life back”.
  • The mixed feelings and envy that some women have who are busy raising children, compared to the perceived freedom possessed by those who don’t have children.
  • The ambivalence that many women feel toward motherhood, but they don’t talk about it.
  • The myth that every woman feels the need to procreate, because it isn’t true!
  • How she loves children, but that’s not the same as having what it takes to be a great mom or wanting that permanent responsibility.
  • How Yamini shows the nurturing qualities in her life through creativity and curiosity about life.
  • Her work with the Goddess asteroids and how they tell the story of relationships, autonomy, and gender roles.
  • How do we “mother” the earth for sustainability?
  • How small changes can make an impact on the planet and its resources.
  • How we are individual activists with the choices we make each day.

Yamini’s advice to women to find a life that’s theirs:Work with your menstrual cycle.” We also discuss what you can do if you are no longer menstruating.

Find about more about Yamini and her work here at her site. 

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