Over the weekend I was pondering the benefits of self-love that I have gained and really noticed over the past couple of years.  These were the first 7 that came into my awareness. Something to consider….

Trust – I trust myself and listen to my intuition more.  No-one knows me, better than me – so now I realise this more deeply, I trust my heart’s voice.  The more I listen, the louder its voice is growing. This gives me such a sense of relief. I can relax more.

I can say NO without any guilt.  As stated in the self-love cards, sometimes saying ‘no‘ to others is a ‘yes‘ to me. I no longer see people or go to events if I don’t feel like it.  Of course, I don’t let people down at the last minute but I don’t overcommit myself like I did before.  No-one wins when we’re feeling obligated to do something or resentful.

I am more discerning about with whom I spend my time. As I have learnt to take responsibility for my life and my own needs, certain co-dependent friendships have fallen away naturally. We all have different cycles in our life and sometimes these do not coincide with those closest to us, which can be tricky. As I come into an increasingly healthier space, I see this reflected in those around me. Do you need to do a relationship audit of who you are spending your time with and how you feel in their company? Maybe it’s not about letting someone go permanently but about being discerning about the amount of time you’re spending with someone, during a certain time/chapter when your needs/values may not be in resonance.

I am more mindful of how I spend my money. I am increasingly conscious that where I’m drawn to spend cash is a reflection of where I’m at mentally and emotionally. Debts keep us stuck in the past and tied to experiences that may not be relevant in this present moment. If you have debts then consider which need you were addressing with these debts and if there is another way these needs can be resolved. We all have ups/downs and challenging periods in our lives and this is not about being judgemental or beating yourself up about past mistakes.

A romantic relationship is NOT the answer to my insecurities. So often we seek validation in our relationships, deeming this as ‘proof’ of our worth and level of attractiveness. It’s crazy to believe that if a person no longer wants to be with me, there must be something wrong with me.  Have you ever felt like that?  Don’t allow your worth to be measured by someone else’s feelings. If you are not right for them – then they are not right for you.

I have stopped valuing everyone’s opinion more than my own.  I am no longer confused, seeking others opinions because I intend to do what’s right for me.  We all have times in our lives when we need support and that is healthy.  What is not healthy is when we start to become dependent on others advice and allow it to drown out our own inner voice.  Sometimes if we just take 5 minutes of silence, close our eyes and breathe deeply into our bodies, the answers will come – because they were there the whole time.

I love my own company.  I have learnt to value time to myself and relish the quiet moments where I can daydream, snooze, read and soak in the bath.  These moments are where magic lies waiting for me, surprising me with sparks of inspiration.  Give yourself this gift. Who knows what gem of an idea may be lying in wait for you to discover….?

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