Life Coaching is a hugely booming industry in recent years and it’s become very much the ‘norm’ to have a coach on your support team.

There is just about every specialisation under the sun, from business, career, wellness, food, exercise, intuition, spirituality, sport and sex, to name but a few.  So if this is something that you are currently contemplating, let’s consider some of the benefits.

Your coach will

1   Hold you accountable

Your coach is witnessing you and holding you responsible for what you said you were going to do. When you are working through your ‘to do’ list, no-one else knows or particularly cares if you haven’t completed it. When you have declared these actions to your coach and have the deadline of your next session looming, you feel even more motivated to follow through. An effective coach will also call you on your bull****, in the nicest possible way.

2   Be your cheerleader

Your coach is someone who reminds you of how far you’ve come and when you are feeling flat, says “You can do this! I believe in you.” Often we are too focussed on what more we have to do, rather than how much we have already achieved. They remind you of what your dreams are and encourage you to keep taking those steps forward.

3   Offer a fresh perspective

When you are struggling and it’s all too hard, a coach will offer objective input and brainstorm strategies that help you move forward. Often we are too close to our own blocks and cannot always see a solution. A kind heart and different pair of eyes can make a huge difference. For example if you are stuck in a job you don’t enjoy and dream of starting your own business, your coach can guide you in taking baby steps forward and see your current situation from a different perspective.

4   Help you to approach obstacles

Sometimes we feel like we need to do everything ourselves. With powerful questions and deep listening your coach can assist you in seeing where you need to make specific changes and help you with an action plan. Your coach will encourage you to create a vision, implement feeling-based goals and align your actions with your desired feelings.

5   Act as a role model

There are an unlimited amount of coaches focussing on various niches, so choose someone who is experienced in your subject of focus. Have they overcome their own challenges in the area that they are claiming to be an expert in? Anyone can hire a copywriter for their sales page, but do they walk their talk? Check out their ‘About’ page.  There are no short-cuts for real-life experience.

6   Direct you back to your own wisdom

Your coach is there to hold your hand as you step forward making changes in your life. They may have much experience and knowledge to share. However, their objective should be to remind you that you also have an incredible amount of wisdom within, from which to draw upon. They want you to empower yourself and should not be encouraging any form of co-dependency, where you feel that you can’t make any kind of decision without consulting them. Of course there will be times when you feel stuck and they will gently guide you, reminding you that are you are capable of more than you can imagine.

7   Celebrate your success (important!)

Your coach wants nothing more than for you to succeed in making yourself happy. It is incredibly inspiring for any coach to witness their clients committing wholeheartedly to what’s important to them. They live for these moments and it makes their work worthwhile. I’ve been moved to tears numerous times upon reading an email from an excited client, as they update me on their progress. There’s nothing more heartwarming or thrilling for a coach to receive.

To get the most out of any coaching series, it’s important to work with a coach with whom you feel a rapport.  Most coaches offer an initial complimentary consult so that you can see whether or not they are the right person for you. There is usually no obligation for this initial session and you have the opportunity to ask all your questions. You would be surprised the amount of value you can derive from this first experience.

What has your experience of coaching been like? Tell me in the comments below how it has helped you.

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