One of the obvious ways issues with how we feel about ourselves can make itself apparent, is in our relationship with money.   Over the past 10-11 years I’ve been moving through an intense journey of aligning with 100% self-love.  I had the awareness several years ago that any challenges that I was experiencing fell into 7 main areas: mental, emotional, physical, nutritional, spiritual, financial and sexual.  Last year I realised that for about 8-9 years I had been immersed in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms with the others being largely ignored.

Money is such a touchy subject. It is a neutral form of energy and yet we project so many emotions and beliefs onto it.  If we consider that money is also a magnifier of our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, what is that indicating?

I’ve never cared about buying ‘things’. I haven’t placed value on wearing certain clothes, latest brands, being seen in the ‘right’ places, saving for a property or other assets. It always seemed irrelevant.  I had the belief that people focus on these things excessively when they don’t feel ‘enough’ or secure on the inside and they are overcompensating.  When all of these ‘things’ are removed, what is left?  Just you and how you feel about yourself without all of the ‘stuff’.  Any money has been spent on education, travel and healing-related experiences.  I realised that these activities were supporting my biggest value, which is freedom. This has had its downside…..

I haven’t put enough focus into my relationship with money and in the past year I’ve been increasing challenged by it. I haven’t taken money ‘seriously’. In fact, it would be accurate to say I’ve really ignored it.  As a result I’ve had some very rude awakenings and whilst I feel very abundant and supported by the universe in many ways,  it’s felt like money is ignoring me. Hmmm.

We are mostly affected by what is unconscious. Whilst I may consciously believe I have a very open attitude towards money, it’s the unconscious part that’s the problem. We don’t know what we don’t know….so until something is conscious it’s hard to focus on it directly.  These are just a few of the many tools I’ve enjoyed that have brought me a deeper understanding of my relationship with money:

 1          Hypnotherapy – Glenn Harrold

Glenn is one of the world’s best selling hypnotherapists and self-help authors. I love his Solfeggio Hypnotherapy Meditation range, which combines sound healing, hypnotherapy and meditation.  My particular favourites for this theme are Solfeggio 528 (which resonates to a frequency of gold, love and miracles) and Create Unlimited Financial Abundance.  I would love to hear how you find them.

2         Feng Shui your home and your wallet – Ken Lauher

I’ve always been fascinated by Feng Shui and working with the flow of chi in your home.  For the abundance corner check out the back left hand corner in each room.    See the bagua map here.

Check out these articles about “how to feng shui your wallet” and “how to feng shui your money corner”. Makes for very interesting reading.

3          Sound Healing – Lia Scallon of The Sounds of Sirius

I love Sound Healing and find it is one of THE most powerful ways to shift energy quickly. It is particularly effective when used with intention.  I set an intention to clear any blockages to a specific goal manifesting easily in my space.  I particularly love the angelic voice of Lia Scallon.   I go out for a walk and leave “Citrine”, from The Crystal Keys by Lia, playing on repeat.   To add extra oomph and combine with Feng Shui principles, I place my laptop in the ‘abundance’ corner (as mentioned above) so it is specifically focusing on that area. Numerous times, lo and behold, I come home to find that I have received a sale whilst out.  Would love to hear how you find it 😉 Listen to the audio with video here.

4         DIY Kinesiology Kit – Kerry Belviso

This is a wonderful digital self-alignment kit, created by Kinesiologist, Kerry Belviso.  You choose a goal to align to and then with guidance from Kerry’s audio and included chakra cards, you discover where the block is to your goal. There is a process to help you balance it, which also combines EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Check it out here and treat yourself.  I would love to hear about your experience with aligning to a financial goal.

5         Vibrational essences – by Humanifest

I am a longtime fan of vibrational essences and have taken them regularly for about 15 years.  There are a vast range of flower, gem, shell, animal totem, light, all sorts of channelled and even geographical essences that you can try.   My favourites in relation to abundance are Citrine and Rowan Tree from Humanifest.  Citrine is a prosperity gem, is aligned with the solar plexus chakra, promotes self-acceptance and assists in letting go/detoxing sabotage behaviours.  Rowan Tree is about gratitude and so the combination of these two can be very insightful.

Abund Essence by the Australian Bushflower Essences is also another popular one.

6        Limitless Abundance Activation – Frank Boffa

Often unresolved energies become stagnant within us, formed by our unconscious beliefs and genetic patterns. These can have a powerful impact on our daily life.  I love listening to this audio created by my amazing friend, Frank Boffa, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. You can download this audio for FREE.

 7       Abundance Alchemical Oil                                                           

I love to use a few drops of Abundance Alchemical oil in the bath, wear as a natural perfume or meditation tool. The affirmation “I am one with the abundance of the universe” is a reminder that are not separate from the abundance we are seeking and true abundance is a state of Being.

There are so many more tools which I’ve enjoyed  and will share another 7 with you very soon.

Also check out some of my favourite reads on this subject at my Loving Yourself Financially bookstore here.  FREE worldwide postage.

I would love to hear in the comments below,  how you go with these and remember me if you win the lottery please! 😉

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