When we talk about giving and receiving love, we think of our hearts.

However, we store so much in that sacred space that is unexpressed or repressed.  It could be old bruises that we haven’t quite allowed to heal, as we refuse to feel what’s underneath them. There may be long held dreams and desires that we’ve not admitted, even to ourselves. Grief. Sadness. Joy.

A common mistake is avoiding intense emotion, because we fear being overwhelmed. The truth is, that we feel joy and sadness in the heart and both of these feelings are two sides of the same coin. So when we close down to protect ourselves, we’re also preventing ourselves from feeling the good stuff. How about choosing to meet every feeling that arises with openness and curiosity?  Maybe it would be freeing?

It’s important to remember that one way of supporting the energy in our hearts, is to lighten the build up in the solar plexus chakra, where we store any issues and blocks to self-love and healthy self-esteem.  See here for ways of how to support your solar plexus chakra.

If you ARE supporting your solar plexus and feeling balanced there, consider these 7 points that your heart would love:

1 Honesty ♥

Acknowledge and appreciate all parts of you with compassion.  Know that there are parts of you that you will always find challenging and that’s human.  You don’t need to try and be something that you’re not or a paragon of virtue. Where’s the fun in that? Self-love is about being real.  Receive ALL parts of you into your heart,  like a Mother does with her child. Does she say ‘I can’t love that part of you as it makes me feel uncomfortable?’. No, her love is unconditional.

2 Forgiveness ♥

When you refuse to forgive, you are living in the past and withholding love from yourself.  It’s hurting you more than anyone else.  Forgiveness  means ‘for giving love again’ and that has to start with you. Open up those dark chambers and let some light in. You will feel so relieved. Promise.

3 Surrender  ♥

This is about allowing yourself to open your heart to you. Surrender to all that ’s inside and reassure yourself that you are safe – with you.  So often we want others to be openhearted and yet we can’t manage this for ourselves.  How about giving yourself permission to feel exactly however you are feeling right now?

4 Trust ♥

Trust your heart and follow its messages.  The more you do this, the easier it will become as the voice inside will get clearer and louder the more you act upon its instructions.  Allow yourself to be the guru of you and know that you do have all the answers. Listen.  Don’t let all that’s inside lie dormant. In the paraphrased words of Robbie Williams you’ve got too much life running through your veins to go to waste 😉

5 Respect ♥

When you focus on staying centred in your heart energy, you feel more at ease with what is occurring around you.  Commit to spending time cultivating the connection with your inner wisdom, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes of dedicated time morning and night.  When you let balance come from within you are not so easily distracted by externals.  Rest in the Sanctuary of your heart and you will never be lost.

6 Partnership ♥

Commit to a Divine Union with your heart.  Dive in.  How can you ever experience this with anyone else if you don’t firstly have this with yourself?   When you know that you are the one you are waiting for, receiving love from someone else is a beautiful bonus.  It all starts with you.

7  Commitment  ♥

This is a lifelong relationship with your trusty heart.  Are you committed to fostering this relationship for the longhaul?  ♥

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