I’m delighted to be speaking about my favourite topic “Self-love. Would that change anything? Or everything?” at Conscious Conversations on Thursday 25th October in Sydney.

Why do I think this subject is so important?

I believe it’s the single most transformational energy in the world. Once we can love and nourish ourselves and come from that place of inner wellbeing, we can allow this to overflow into all parts of our lives and our relationships with others. 

When we feel that something is missing or that we are lacking in some way, the tendency can be to seek external validation.  This is not always a conscious behaviour, but something that we’ve learnt from childhood, depending on our environment, our family of origin, life experiences, our beliefs, thoughts, personality type and our DNA.   There are a whole myriad of factors.  That also gives us a lot of material to create a lot of ‘stories’ about why we may or may not be behaving in a certain way.

One thing we have total control over is the choices that we make in each moment. We can choose to blame these other factors or we can take responsibility for our own lives and our own happiness – and not project this onto anyone else.

I will be sharing more about what I’ve learnt and go into various areas in more detail on the night.  I will touch upon the following areas:

Loving Ourselves Mentally, Loving Ourselves Emotionally, Loving Ourselves Nutritionally, Loving Ourselves Physically, Loving Ourselves Financially, Loving Ourselves Spiritually and Loving Ourselves Sexually.

I have studied and worked through many of my own behavioural patterns in these areas and anticipate that I will be working through increasingly deeper layers of them for as long as I’m alive 😉  After much deep inner work over the past 10 years, this is starting to be reflected in my external life in a positive way.

Through these experiences, the Sacred Self self-love range of Alchemical oils and Self-love cards have been birthed, all received intuitively by me over 9 years – much to my surprise and often bafflement. This was certainly no conscious plan of mine.  I look forward to sharing more about my experiences on the evening and hope to share information with you that will inspire to embrace deeper levels of self-love and self-acceptance within yourself.

One lucky person can win a ticket to attend the evening on Thursday 25th October in Newport on Sydney’s Nothern Beaches.  

Click here for more details and to book your place!

Simply tell me in less than 50 words in the comments box below which particular area out of the 7 mentioned above that you are currently focussing on.  Please only respond if you are able to attend by 5pm on Monday 22nd October.


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