I’ve just arrived back in Sydney from one of the most divine places on earth. New Zealand. 

I never get tired of visiting this heavenly spot.  There is such an inspiring, refreshing vibe to the place.  I feel as though I’ve been superimposed onto a postcard.  As I’ve just come to the end of creating Sacred Self’s self-love range of Alchemical oils and my birthday, it was the perfect time to reflect and contemplate what’s next.

After a two and a half hour flight from Sydney to Queenstown in the South Island, I spent the first two nights at the gorgeous Arrowtown House Hotel, a boutique B&B, then Murrells Guest House at Manapouri, the stunning Milford Lodge and then my lakeside paradise Oaks Resort.   It was interesting to note the reaction from other guests (who were all couples) when they realised that yes I’m single and staying in this gorgeous place on my own.

I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t triggered me a tad…and to one overly inquisitive gentleman I felt like asking ‘so should I not have holidays because I’m no longer married? Or should I just stay in crap places? 😉 Hmmmm. Another couple kept saying ‘how brave you are’. Really??  Brave? It’s hardly Afghanistan.  

New Zealand is paradise.  Of course it would be lovely to be here with a gorgeous man.  Que sera.  However….it’s not going to stop me from enjoying travel, which is one of my passions. I truly believe that doing what you enjoy and makes you feel free is essential if you want to stay on your path and meet likeminded souls. 

How do you feel about travelling solo? 

Is it something that you enjoy?  I’ve always found it particularly freeing. It’s the first time that I have felt a bit self-conscious about it, after having been interrogated repeatedly.   Milford Sound, Lord of the Rings Country, really should be renamed ‘Honeymoon Heaven‘.   The landscape is so dramatically surreal that I felt like I was dreaming most of the time.  I succumbed to a nightly candlelit bath with a great novel, indulged in comfort food, the best Sav Blanc in the world and then rolled into a King-sized bed.  A blissful combination for me.

One of my ongoing self-love support tools is the use of vibrational essences, which I absolutely love and find so effective with various emotional states.

I have long been a huge fan of Bach Flower essences, the Alaskan gem and flower essences and Humanifest essences.  However, whilst in NZ I thought it would be very fitting to try out this fantastic essence from Azura Creations, which is the The New Zealand Waterways Elixir, which assists in deepening the experience of love, openness, purity, beauty and joy – seeing yourself as these qualities and owning them fully in all parts of your being.  Sounds like the perfect self-love essence to me!  I certainly was in awe of the staggering beauty around me and my commitment is to own and accept all parts of myself, so it was an ideal accompaniment to my self-love holiday.

As I drove from one paradise to the next, I contemplated how lucky I am to have such freedom to travel as I please and feel completely safe. 

It made me appreciate that I’m a woman who has been born into a culture where I have the opportunity to have these experiences.  So many women don’t have this chance and it’s really beyond my limited, spoilt Western comprehension.  I felt a lot of gratitude to be able to experience such natural beauty and have this special time to myself.  How blessed to be able to do this!

Where is your favourite place to go for a holiday on your own? 

When was the last time you took a little ‘time out’ trip just for you?  Ok you may not be able to just disappear for a week. But what about a day?  Or even an afternoon…something to consider…

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