About Michelle

I’m Michelle Marie McGrath: a rainbow chaser immersed in a life-long love affair with books, baths, organic raw chocolate, crystals, candles and travel to sacred sites.

I fully believe that self-love is not a destination, but a lifelong commitment. It’s not a snappy marketing term either.Self-love is the deepest, most truthful relationship you can have with yourself and then, those around you. It’s about taking responsibility for your needs and desires, rather than projecting them onto others. In this way, transformation occurs.

It all starts with deepening into your most Sacred Self.

MY WORK:  encouraging women to ask themselves the big questions and listening to their unique answers. I remind them that they always DO have the answers.

MY GIFT:  assisting women to access their deeply feminine intuitive gifts, by embodying my own.

I LOVE: when people allow themselves to be vulnerable, expressions that are heartfelt and heart-shaped, silence, stand-up comedy, raw chocolate, laughing till I cry, different accents, foreign languages, massage, labyrinths, raspberries, candlelit baths, meditation, crystals, travel with my man, walking in the rain, nature photography, the sound and smell of the ocean, thunder and lightning, mermaids and seashells (I am a double Pisces after all…).

Fairy tales

I realised that fairy tales are not always helpful but I am creating my own colourful ending, based on what’s meaningful to me.

A new archetype of woman is being born; one who is birthing her true self into the world.

Today, I share my life with a wonderful man who supports my dreams and shares my desire for truth and freedom. We are creating something beautifully creative and exciting together at Rosemere, Cornwall, our slice of heaven (with the Michael leyline travelling through it.)

How can we work together?

Intimately: through my one-on-one sessions: Stream of Inspiration guidance  (limited time slots that book out),   Womb Awakening sessions, Intuitive Readings,  Spaces will open up again for mentoring in the second half of 2021. Eventually I’ll also be running in person creative retreats at Rosemere. 

Creatively: through my Sacred Self product range, with the power of aroma and vibrational magic of nature, to encourage self-love and acceptance for individuals and holistic practitioners. I’m also in a co-creation process with nature for Rosemere Remedies of flower and tree essences. If you enjoy journalling and aromatherapy combined, you may enjoy my Alchemical You packages.

You can also listen to my award-nominated podcast ‘Unclassified Woman’ on itunes, youtube, spotify and other podcast platforms where I interviewed inspiring childless and childfree women around the globe. 

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