About Michelle

I’m Michelle Marie McGrath: a rainbow chaser immersed in a life-long love affair with books, baths, organic raw chocolate, crystals, candles and travel to sacred sites.

I fully believe that self-love is not a destination, but a lifelong commitment. It’s not a snappy marketing term either.

Self-love is the deepest, most truthful relationship you can have with yourself and then, those around you. It’s about taking responsibility for your needs and desires, rather than projecting them onto others. In this way, transformation occurs.

It all starts with deepening into your most Sacred Self.

MY WORK:  encouraging women to ask themselves the big questions and listening to their unique answers. I remind them that they always DO have the answers.

MY GIFT:  assisting women to access their deeply feminine intuitive gifts, by embodying my own.

I LOVE: Honesty, avocados, roses, when people allow themselves to be vulnerable, expressions that are heartfelt & heart-shaped, silence, stand-up comedy, raw chocolate, laughing till I cry, different accents, foreign languages, massage, labyrinths, raspberries, candlelit baths, meditation, crystals, travel with my man, walking in the rain, nature photography, the sound and smell of the ocean, thunder and lightning, organic chai tea, chanting and seashells.

Fairy tales

I realised that fairy tales are not always helpful but I am creating my own colourful ending, based on what’s meaningful to me.

A new archetype of woman is being born; one who is birthing her true self into the world.

Today, I share my life with a wonderful man who supports my dreams and shares my desire for truth and freedom. We are creating something beautifully creative and exciting together (watch this space!).

How can we work together?

Intimately:  through my one-on-one Womb Awakening sessions, Intuitive Readings, Sacred Self Mentoring

Creatively:  through my Sacred Self product range, with the power of aroma and vibrational magic of nature, to encourage self-love and acceptance for individuals and holistic practitioners.

Globally:  through my award-nominated podcast ‘Unclassified Woman’ and in-person events.

Ultimately, I believe you can tell so much about a person by what they love.

The longer version of my self-love story

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who was about to be told her fate. Her loving mother delivered the happy news:

“When you grow up, you’ll meet a nice man, get married and have children.”

The little girl was underwhelmed.

“What if I don’t get married?” she asked.

“What if I don’t want children?” she wondered.

“What if that’s not what my life is about?” she puzzled.

The doubts she nursed would one day be taken seriously, but at this time the little girl’s questions were dismissed.

As fate would have it, the little girl did grow up and marry a ‘nice’ man. She enjoyed herself, she travelled and she moved to the other side of the globe, as far as she could possibly go.

On the surface, her life looked very shiny. On the surface, the man seemed ‘nice.’ She was happily busy being, well, busy…….

When this woman stood still enough to listen, she could hear the questions niggling inside her heart.

‘Is this really the life you want?”
“Are you being truthful?”
“Is it time to be honest with yourself?”

Believing in magic, she set a powerful intention.

Deep in meditation, she asked herself what she most needed.

The answer: self-love

Not knowing exactly what that looked like, she made a wish (and a sacred commitment) to:

“Let go of everything preventing me from embracing 100% self-love.”

{Spoiler Alert}: Oops. The wish came true.

The commitment led to unexpectedly birthing a business called Sacred Self.

As you may have guessed, I was that little girl and the end of my story has not been written yet.

You can read more about Sacred Self here.

Yes, letting go of all that wasn’t aligned to my truth brought (very) uncomfortable change. I experienced a molar pregnancy (unusual miscarriage), which was a catalyst for my marriage breakdown, depression, anxiety, insomnia and a spiralling down into a long dark tunnel – and a (reluctant) breakthrough into a new way of being. It was not all unicorns farting rainbows and giggles.

I started to get very very very honest with myself.

Instead of birthing physical children, I birthed my true self and my creative business, Sacred Self. I started to receive and channel alchemical oils, self-love cards, Alchemical You journalling aromatic packages, and roll-on natural perfumes infused with love, magic and intention.

Since I set that intention, I’ve deepened into the journey of self-love and truth that leads to personal freedom.

When you start a very honest dialogue with yourself, look out!!

Are you still reading?  Bless you!

If you’d like to know me better, here’s a list of my TOP 10 Wildly Educational Experiences & Accomplishments. I have an extremely eclectic background, but life is never boring!  Here are also 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

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