About Michelle

Welcome! Thanks for popping in to see me.

I’m Michelle Marie McGrath:

A star-gazing daydream believer (hello double Pisces + Pisces Mercury) immersed in a life-long love affair with nature, books, baths, organic raw chocolate (I eat it), candles and magical potions (I make them). One of my favourite ways to relax is by combining all of the above.

I’ve been an intuitive holistic practitioner since 2000. What a mysterious ride it’s been – and continues to be! I have an extremely eclectic background as I’m multi-passionate (a ‘Manifesting Generator’ in Human Design).

Originally from Manchester, I now live in a rustic timber cabin in an enchanted forest in beautiful Cornwall with my husband after spending 20 years in sunny Sydney. Our magical haven is called Rosemere. This was a vision I received in a future timeline exercise in 2002 back when I was studying an Energetic Healing Diploma. Many years later after a string of synchronicities….the dream became real…and continues to unfold in surprising ways. Such is life: the ultimate mystery school.


MY WORK:  reminding women their magic is inside them. I encourage women to ask themselves the big questions and listen to their unique answers. I remind them that their wisest sacred self does have the answers. Sometimes we forget and just need a loving nudge.

MY GIFT:  assisting women to deepen into their naturally magical and intuitive gifts, by embodying my own. I’ve always been highly intuitive and psychic. One of my zones of genius is seeing the potential and possibilities in others –  untapped gifts are waiting for us to open to them.  Even though I’ve been an energetic healer/intuitive reader since 2000, returning to the UK in 2018 opened up this aspect of me to a deeper level as I immersed myself more deeply in nature, with the intention of being increasingly aligned with the seasons.
My intention, with each sacred offering, is to create an empowering experience. You are the alchemist of your life.

I LOVE: the fascinating unique paths of women, reading escapist immersive stories and writing them (currently editing my first novel), when people allow themselves to be vulnerable, expressions that are heartfelt and heart-shaped, silence, stand-up comedy, raw chocolate, laughing till I cry, different accents, foreign languages, massage, labyrinths, raspberries, candlelit baths, meditation,  travel, walking in the rain, nature photography, astrology, the sound and smell of the ocean, the seasons and cycles of nature, sandy toes, thunder and lightning, the moon, mermaids and seashells.

Creating a strong foundation rooted in self-love and acceptance

I fully believe that self-love and acceptance is not a destination, but a lifelong commitment. It’s not a snappy marketing term either – even though it’s become very mainstream in recent years.

A self-loving relationship is the deepest, most truthful relationship you can have with yourself and then, those around you. It’s about taking responsibility for your needs and desires, rather than projecting them onto others. In this way, transformation occurs – often in surprisingly unexpected ways. It all starts with deepening into your most sacred self. This became a huge focus for me as I had some big awakenings in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, which triggered the creation of Sacred Self (my business name, brand and trademark whilst living in Sydney). Read more about that and the creation of a range of magical products here.

How can we currently work together?

Intimately: (sessions are recorded and emailed to you – location is irrelevant)

Cosmic Chalice session: Goddess centred astrology where we dive into your starry soul map and explore your innate superpowers. Book here.

Firetalking scrying session: flame reading: UK spring/summer. Book here.

Womb Awakening sessions: book here.

Stream of Inspiration water scrying session (in my stream): UK winter/spring. Next availability Nov 2023.

New 1 and 3 month packages coming soon.

Mystical Brew: tea and tarot audio: Book here.

In person: Eventually I’ll be facilitating personal one-on-one retreats here at Rosemere, Corwall. We are currently renovating an adorable tiny haven called ‘Rose’ which is (surprise surprise) rose-themed. 

Creatively: through my Sacred Self product range, with the power of aroma and vibrational magic of nature, to encourage self-love and acceptance for individuals and holistic practitioners. I’m also in a co-creation process with nature for Rosemere Remedies (flower and tree essences.) See here for Elderflower and Bluebell.

If you enjoy journaling and aromatherapy combined, you may enjoy my Alchemical You packages.

Unclassified Woman podcast – recorded 2015-2019. Listen to my award-nominated podcast ‘Unclassified Woman’ on itunes, youtube, spotify and other podcast platforms where I interviewed inspiring childless and childfree women around the globe. After a long hiatus, I will record another series after my novel is finished. I’ve also got ideas for a couple of other podcasts brewing.


I’m 100% committed to my own personal growth, so I can also support you authentically.


During the past 30 years I’ve experienced numerous courses, training​, ​workshops of a holistic and creative nature. I’m an eternal seeker/student (thanks 9th house Sun + Moon)​ and what I’m realising increasingly is Mother Nature, my own intuition and bodywisdom are my most important guides. ​I also receive vast amounts of guidance (sometimes prophetic) in my dreams and lucid waking dream state. However, I’ve also learnt from (and continue to learn) formally and informally from some wonderful souls.

Some of my certifications/trainings (but not limited to and not in exact order) below:


Currently: Silver Spiral Star Priestess Astrology Training with Maria Jones, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, UK

Biomancy Immersion with Dr Azra Bertrand
Mediumship studies with College of Psychic Studies, London
Fountain of Life Teacher Training​ in France​ & Womb Awakening Mentor​ with Seren & Azra Bertrand​

Moon Mother – Level 1 with Miranda Gray
Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitation in Chartres, France​

Labyrinth building workshop in Sydney, Australia​
Beautiful You Coaching Certification with Julie Parker, Australia
Diploma of Aromatherapy – Nature Care College (2000-2003)​
Diploma of Energetic Healing​ – Nature Care College (2000-2003)​
Meditation Facilitation Certificate​ –  Nature Care College​ (2002-2003)
Crystal Vibrational Therapy​ Certification with Susie Nelson-Smith (over 3 years)​
Bach Flower Remedies essence training​ with Bach Flowers Foundation
Reiki Master​ + ​Karuna Reiki with Noriko Kawamura and Tim Budden​

Seichim Healing
Isis Lotus Healing with Elizabeth Jensen, Australia​
Auric Balancing with Wendi Forbes​, Australia
Sacred Stone Massage

Divine Mother Mystery School with Qala Sri’ama (and other workshops).
My God presence name is Sri Mala Zesta Christos. I’m a Rainbow Bridge and a Keeper of the Heart Breath.

Ex Committee Member of the Energetic Healing Association in Australia
Marie Forleo’s BSchool
Cert IV Small Business Management, Sydney, Australia

Postgraduate Dip. European Business Administration, Chichester, UK
Private Secretary’s Certificate (LCCI), Chichester, UK
BA (Hons) Modern Languages, Anglia University, Cambridge, UK

If you’ve reached this far down the page bless you!

Here are some of my Top 10 Wildly Educational Experiences in a blogpost!

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