It’s time for our Practitioner of the Month spot, where I showcase the work of a wonderful practitioner, who incorporates using Sacred Self’s Alchemical oils in their own unique way to enhance their clients’ experience.  Aroma is very strongly linked with memory and so can be used powerfully in assisting clients with intentions for moving forward.  I love hearing how different people use them!  This month we hear from Angela Raspass, a Business and Life Coach, based in Sydney, Australia.  I first connected with Angela, via Marie Forleo’s BSchool course, a vibrant online community for entrepeneurs around the world.

So Angela, let’s hear a little bit about your work:

I’m a speaker, marketing strategist, transformation coach and mentor, a guide to a wholehearted business and life. I work with women who often describe themselves as stuck or overwhelmed, with an inner critic running amok and know they want to make significant changes. They’re searching for someone to help them create and action a plan to take them from where they are to where they want to be in their business and life.

What I find most often is that my clients are simply out of alignment. With entrepreneurs and professional service providers this means they have a business that doesn’t fit them anymore because they have grown and changed so much since they started it. They need support to move into what they now want to create and market. I completely understand that experience as I’ve been there myself, letting go of a successful but highly stressful 8 year old business that no longer served me last year, and building a new one. It wasn’t easy!  I also draw women to me who have lost touch with themselves and feel as though they are in quicksand, often struggling with addictive, numbing behaviours and a lack of joy and colour in their life. Again, this is an experience that deeply resonates with me because of my own journey of recovery through the challenge of addiction and the significant personal and spiritual development I’ve enjoyed since.

How do you incorporate the Alchemical oils into your work?

I have so many of your oils!  I have a morning ritual of connecting to my Higher Power after a morning meditation and journaling where I hand over any worries and fears and ask for guidance. I then take a few moments to consider my day and inevitably feel a pull towards one of my oilsClarity, Self-love, Abundance, Freedom, Trust, Joy and my latest, Let Go(d). For my clients, I use a specific group of oils that differ for the business and life guidance.       heart2

On the wholehearted business side, we start with Freedom – giving yourself permission to follow your heart, to create a business that fits you, letting go of the idea that there is a specific business model that you must follow. We then move on with Clarity – getting out of overwhelm and clear on your purpose and ideal clients. This is followed by Trust, to support and build self-belief in your ability to create this new business, or to make the changes needed to your existing business so you are more in alignment. Authentic comes into play next as we create the mindful marketing strategies that showcase you and your services. And we complete the journey with Passion – living your passion each and every day as you take the actions to grow your business and maintain momentum. I love how the oils support the intentions we set as we work together – they are gorgeous and strengthening.

I take the women who are drawn to working with me on the more personal side through “Your Wholehearted Life – 12 steps to emotional freedom”. With this program we start and end with the classic Self-love – a circle of self-acceptance and tenderness. As we look at what is happening in their lives, the patterns of behaviours that have been causing self-sabotage or sadness we turn to Surrender. As we work through expressing how these behaviours and experiences make my clients feel, Truth helps support the unveiling, the digging down. Once these feelings and experiences have been drawn out and examined, we can Let Go and build a new future which is supported by Integrity – honouring the commitments made for that future that leads full circle to Self-love. There are a lot of emotions unearthed in these 12 steps and the oils provide the perfect balance of grounding and uplifting.    heart1

How do you feel they support you?

Wholeheartedness starts from deep inside of you. It involves letting go of what you think you “must” or “should” do, making peace with your inner critic and allowing your own intuition and your connection with your higher power, the universe, God – however you identify this, to be heard so you can be guided you into alignment. Personally I find the oils and reinforce this connection and allow me to hold myself in the space I need to accomplish my intentions for the day. This is especially true of coaching sessions – I connect and ask which oil I need to use to be able to be of highest service to my client and make a choice from there.

Are there any Alchemical oils in particular that come up regularly?

Yes – Clarity! Like so many women, I am juggling what feels like a million items on my ‘To Do’ list and this one definitely helps me to be grounded and clearly see what needs to be done. I absolutely swear I am 100% more productive when I wear this oil! I also wear trust whenever I am on a stage speaking – I trust that I will deliver exactly what someone in the audience needs to hear.

Thank you so much for your time and insights about your work Angela.  You can explore Angela’s Wholehearted Business & Life Guidance at and click on “work with me” where you can book a complimentary one hour “Heart to Heart” breakthrough session with her to explore how she can help you to create a wholehearted business and life.


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