We cannot underestimate the importance of the special connection of the sacred mother-daughter link.  Our mothers are our first and most important female role model.  How our mums view and treat themselves, and our perception of this has a huge impact on how we grow and evolve into women.  Step mums, grandmothers and other female relatives also have such an important influence.  Young girls are so impressionable and so bombarded by the media portrayal of unhealthy and unobtainable beauty standards. It’s crucial for for young girls to have grounded, healthy women role models, who can reinforce to them what is beautiful and unique about them.

I was pondering the subject of the mother-daughter bond with the lovely Sue Lansdown of peachface, a gorgeous range of products for tweens and teens that also have positive affirmations.  Sue shared what she had learnt from her beautiful daughter Tallulah.  It was a great reminder of how there is much we can learn through the innocent eyes of children and how they can be really aware of what is most important 😉

Sue:  I feel so lucky to be reminded daily by my daughter how she sees this world. By example, she tunes me in to the simplicity of love, fun and creativity.  As a nine-year-old Talullah is gaining the awareness of all those practical manoeuvers she will need to know to function in the world, how to get ready in the morning, tidy up, brush her hair – all manner of responsibilities. The dynamic between us is a delicate dance and one that still winds up in drama at times for us both.  She wants to float about blissfully, dreamily enjoying life and I want her to hurry up and get things done so we can move on to the next things that need getting done!  Being emotional creatures we feel deeply and express our feelings often.

Heading out in a flap one morning, racing to get to school, I was moaning to Talullah about why we need to be more organized and how we have to get it together to get to school on time.  It was a lecture on the fly.  Talullah stopped me at our gate.  I had no time to listen. She said “Mummy it’s really weird, everywhere I look I keep seeing love hearts”. As she pointed down at a love heart shaped puddle I surrendered.

She went on to explain that they, the love hearts appeared on the beach as shells, when she looked down she saw love heart stones, on trees and plants there were love heart leaves and even at school she kept finding love heart scraps of paper. She stated this so matter-of-factly. Her little enquiring, frowning face looked at me as though asking “is this strange? Does everyone see love hearts everywhere?

I was instantly reminded of my childhood and my memories of seeing love hearts everywhere too.  With 4 kids between my partner and me we both have plenty of reminders to stay present! Our kids continually bring so many awakening moments!  It is a wild ride that takes me to dizzying extremes. As a mum and as a step mum too I have learnt to wait, listen, love, and trust that whatever is playing out in our family dynamic is for the good of us all. Hence my motto ‘everything works out perfectly’. With love and trust it always does work out perfectly.

Three years ago a girlfriend and I began an enquiry into starting a business together. What started out over a cup of tea soon became the vision that is now peachface skincare. We developed peachface products to support pre-teen and teenage girls.  Simple nurturing products that encourage a regular daily skincare routine for girls between eight and thirteen and for teenage girls (13+) we have created a beautiful range of seven products that are more active that help teenagers who may be experiencing a more dramatic increase in sebum as a result of puberty. peachface products are packed full of gorgeous certified organic, natural and Australian indigenous ingredients.   


Focusing in on tween and teen girls as we do with peachface has been wonderful.  I am constantly reminded of my own teenage years and how challenging I was, my confusion, and my ups and downs. I think about what it must have been like for my parents and how the times are so different for kids these days. I feel so much compassion for parents and for kids.  When mums and their girls thank us, acknowledging our peachface products it is the best feeling in the world. peachface was only launched a year ago and it keeps us very busy, but I have learnt to bring a little of what I know as a mum into my work and to trust and know that everything will work out perfectly.

Thank you Sue, that is such a beautiful reminder of what we can learn from children and their ability to be in the present moment and notice the way that nature constantly supplies its loving reminders 😉

For all the mums of daughters reading this – for one lucky reader, here is your chance to win some beautiful peachface products for your daughter: a teen Sweet ‘n’ Sassy cleaner, Honey bee moisturising gel and Think Pink facial mask.  It’s not fair for her to have al the fun and so you will receive a bottle of Sacred Self’s divine Motherlove Alchemical oil for yourself.  This is open worldwide.

We would love to hear from you now in 50 words or less – what is the most valuable piece of wisdom that you have learnt from your daughter or step-daughter -by 20th December.  Good luck everyone, this is a really beautiful Christmas present for yourself and your daughter 😉








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