I’m excited to share this first episode of my new podcast, Unclassified Woman. This is a short audio where I explain why I am creating the podcast, what I hope to accomplish and who it is for!

Unclassified Woman is for women who don’t have, or don’t intend to have children, but do intend to create a meaningful life they love. Unclassified Woman gives voice to the almost 25% of Western women who aren’t easily heard over the mother-focussed mainstream media. Part myth busting, part inspirational story sharing, the podcast features women living meaningful lives, sharing their experiences and insights, while questioning the expectations of women everywhere.

I have a dream that one day, women who don’t have children – for whatever reason (and there are many) – no longer endure the unfair judgments placed upon them. My hope for these women, of which I am one, is that their worth as women isn’t measured by their ability to birth children, but rather by their ability to birth their true desires and contribute their gifts to the world.

We have so much to look forward to and each episode will bring you the inspiring story of a woman who has chosen to birth the true desires of her heart. I will be sharing information that I hope is helpful and insightful.

I would also love to hear any suggestions of any possible guests for future episodes. A new episode will be published weekly.

Did you enjoy this episode? Do you have any friends or family members that you feel would benefit from this podcast series? Please share.


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