Today, I am delighted to share the second part of “Feng Shui for Self-love” from Renee Longworth, Feng Shui Consultant and Energetic Healer.  So let’s see what she has to say on this topic today.

♥ ♥ ♥

Your home ‘houses’ you in more ways than one. As mentioned in Feng Shui for Self-love –  Part 1 your home is a reflection of you and you are a reflection of your home.  Your home also houses your patterns, family dynamics and reflects different aspects of your life.

Ensuring the whole of your home is balanced, beautiful, free of clutter and healthy will have a positive impact on the different themes running through your life. By understanding energetic layouts of your home you can also enhance these aspects. According to Compass School of Feng Shui, what is located in a particular sector of your home (compass direction), also indicates what may be occurring for you in your life.

For example, if your North East sector is cluttered it may block your attempts to acquire knowledge, excel academically or become lazy for your thirst to seek self-improvement or develop skills. Though, if your North East sector of your home is situated in an active part of your building and you love being in this area, then you may find that you love learning and self development work. You have motivation for continual learning and feel that this is important for your growth.

By looking at what is located in each of your home’s sectors, decluttering and bringing some personal ‘jooshness’ and love, you can nurture each aspect of your life. If you haven’t an accurate floorplan with correct sectors calculated, you can still gain an understanding by roughly working out where your directions lie. Though to be accurate it is best to consult a professional.

[NOTE:– do NOT use a Bagua (Feng Shui tool) for this. Most people place the Bagua incorrectly onto the floor plan of their building which will be inaccurate.] Following is each direction and their related life aspect.


Career sector – reflects your satisfaction with your chosen career and whether you are attracting opportunities. It also represents the awareness of letting go of things you are unable to change and taking responsibility for what you can and actioning it.

North- East ♥

Acquiring knowledge, personal development or spiritual pursuits – represents your thirst for knowledge, study and having a level of self awareness. This area when nurtured and active will help support your move towards your life’s path.

East ♥

Family harmony and health – represents how well your family gets on together and the general health of your family. Nurturing this area can lessen arguments, bring flexibility and understanding.

South-East ♥

Abundance – not only reflects financial wealth but also abundance on all levels. Whether you have the ability to see value in your life and gratitude for what you have.

South ♥

Reputation and Authority – represents how others view you. If you are in business this is an important sector which nurtures your reputation and how others regard you.

South-West ♥

Marriage and relationships – reflects your ability to attract  healthy relationships including friendships, partnerships, true love etc.  It also indicates how much you are able to nurture others or receive support.

West ♥

Children or playfulness – reflects whether the children in your home feel supported. And also reflects the ability to give birth to ideas and projects and create joy and fun.

North-West ♥

Helpful people and support – represents support from external family members, friends etc who help propel you through life and its challenges. And whether your family can endure the hard times and work through any stress life can throw you.

Tai Ji ♥

Centre – This can affect all aspects of your life as the energy in this area radiates out to other sectors.

Note: Feng Shui is a multi-levelled practice and a professional Feng Shui consultant is recommended in order to provide accurate information and calculate the core energetics of a building.

Well I find that all fascinating and I will certainly be using the compass on my phone today to check out the clutter or what’s going on in these areas for me.  How about you? Let us know in the comments box below what you notice in one of these areas and then any results once you gave that area some love and attention. We would love to know.  Please share with anyone you feel would enjoy this post. Thank you Renee.

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