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100% Self-love Ebook & editable workbook

This 7 week process of self-reflections will provide you with clarity about which parts of you are most needing your loving attention. Take steps to a more intimate relationship with yourself.

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Self-love Meditation

Give yourself 10 minutes of me-time as you listen to this gift of a Self-love Meditation, backed by transformational meditones music created by Tahlee Rouillon Sonesence. I asked Tahlee to provide the backing music for you. Meditones are a powerful catalyst for personal development. They directly stimulate relaxed neural activity to create subconscious healing and lasting change. What are meditones? They are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, which guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Use with headphones for maximum healing impact. Enjoy!

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Self-love Bookshop

Some of my favourite books from over the years, that have really assisted me on my self-love journey at various times. There are some that I regularly dip back into and re-read when I need some reminders and inspiration. Many of these books overlap into a few different areas as all parts of ourselves are intertwined.

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I love:

I want to share a few resources that I loved so much that I became an affiliate (full disclosure). Not something that I take lightly as I can only share what I believe in.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy 

Have you ever wanted to become a life coach? This internationally accredited, heart-centred training program may be just what you are looking for. This training program for life coaches (not business coaching) stands alone or a is lovely compliment to any love-based business. Read about my experience here and here with the program.

You may also be interested in my affiliate gift if you sign up through my link.

DIY Kinesiology

I highly recommend this DIY Kinesiology Kit created by Kerry Rowett of Awaken Kinesiology. Kerry is an expert at assisting people to align themselves with their deepest desires and this kit was a way for her to help more people help themselves.  Click here

Want to get closer to your truth? '7 Days of Truth-telling' FREE eCourse

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