Healthy eating is not always easy in the everyday life but the Christmas period is probably the most difficult time of the year to make healthy choices and that can be scary and confusing.

This is totally normal. We are surrounded by an abundance of “comfort” foods, alcohol and “food pushers” during this whole period and watching our family and friends cooking, eating, drinking and talking about food almost all day long doesn’t really help.

I used to be scared and confused so much about all of that. When I was struggling with eating disorders, this period was really exhausting and after that, when I was in recovery, this period was obviously a very difficult challenge.

But you don’t have to struggle with eating disorders to feel confused about making healthy choices. Most people do, especially when there is plenty of food available. People love to celebrate with food and alcohol and the Christmas holiday is a period where people tend to overindulge and overeat, even if they don’t have any food issues. Overeating is painful physically, emotionally and mentally and we really don’t need that.

Making healthy choices will make you feel better and will allow you to fully enjoy this beautiful period of the year with your loved ones.  By making healthy choices, I don’t mean avoiding the food you really want at any price because you think it’s bad. If you really want a piece of chocolate cake, it’s probably healthier to be able to have one small slice and really enjoy it than eating something else that it’s not really appealing to you. The urge to eat this chocolate cake will just be stronger if you deny it.

The secret lies in moderation, awareness and respect of your own beautiful body. Be reasonable and listen carefully to your body signals. That is the key to make healthy choices, enjoy each moment and avoid overeating or hangovers.

Here are a few tips & tricks to make the most of it:

1. Stay hydrated. Your body is composed of over 75% of water. So it’s important to stay well hydrated. Also, thirst doesn’t appear like thirst straight away. When you are thirsty, you will first feel hungry, that’s why it’s important to drink a lot of clean filtered water.

2. The Christmas period is abundant in highly sugary and fatty foods. So try to be aware of these ones and limit your intake. These foods are usually harder to process, digest and are bad for your health.

3. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, organic if possible. They are easy to digest and are packed with nutrients and vitamins, all you need to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

4. It’s not because you limit your sugar intake that you can’t enjoy a beautiful dessert. There are lots of healthy and yummy options for dessert, you will be surprised. Here are a few healthy and easy to prepare ideas:

Have a look at my vegan and sugar free Chocolate Peanut Truffles or my vegan & sugar free Sour Cherry Fudge . These are delicious AND good for you. You can have it both ways, so why not enjoy it 😉

5. Be careful with alcohol. Alcohol contains lots of sugar and we usually tend to eat more after a few drinks. If you want to enjoy a drink, go for the quality instead of the quantity (and use the same rule for food).

6. Eat regularly and avoid restricting yourself all day long for the special evening dinner, otherwise, you will be so hungry you will probably stuff yourself up with all the food available… not a healthy choice 😉

I hope these tricks and tips will help you to enjoy this beautiful period at its best. If you’d like to boost your energy, start 2013 feeling amazing and kicking ass, I am currently launching the ‘Glow & Feel Amazing Detox Week’ , which starts on January 14 and is pay what you want!

 Wishing you all lots of love & happiness for 2013!


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