Loving yourself financially.  How much do you think you’re worth?

When we embrace a life of self-love and take full responsibility for ourselves, this cannot help but overflow into every area of our lives.  One area for me that was ignored and avoided for most of my adult life….is in the area of finances.

Like with most subjects, how we think and feel about our financial situation has the greatest impact on it.  If you are familiar with beliefs like ‘I never have enough’ or ‘I can’t manage my money’, then all that seems to occur is that situations arise that keep reinforcing those beliefs.  I realised after many years that I had a deeply ingrained belief that ‘money is a responsibility’ and so of course I made sure I never held onto it for long. Problem solved. Right?

Money is a neutral form of energy and only has the meaning that we attach to it.

We hear frequently about how being in a state of gratitude allows more abundance to flow.  When we appreciate what we have, then the universe sends us more of it as we are in an open and receptive state.  Dr John Demartini believes that we all have equal wealth but it is often in a format that we are not recognising or appreciating. People who have financial wealth usually do so because it’s high on their list of values and so they put time and energy onto managing and building it.  Others may have a wealth of good health, friends or family and make these areas an important priority in their life and yet not recognise that this is another form of abundance.

Maybe we only have issues with money when we are avoiding or ignoring it?

Consider for a moment the areas in your life where you are ‘wealthy’ that you may not be acknowledging.  Now ask yourself if there is any gift you have that you could share with the world that could bring wealth to yourself and others.  Is there a service you could offer for the highest good of all?  Take your time to ponder these questions and see what arises.

I have learnt that what I spend my money on is a reflection of where I am at, mentally or emotionally and a direct result of what I am placing value upon.  So if I’m drawn to buy comfort food, maybe I am in need of some emotional support.  If I’m feeling like ‘getting away from it all’ and splurging on a trip, maybe there is an area of my life where I am feeling trapped or stuck.   I have never been someone who spends money on ‘things’.  Most of my money has been spent on travel, education and learning, experiences or more recently into my business.  This is because one of my most important values is ‘freedom’ and so on an unconscious level I associate those experiences with my perception of freedom.

How do you value yourself  financially?  How much are you worth to you?

If you are someone who has amassed many assets and wealth, which value do you feel this is reflecting for you? You could be financially poor and yet have an attitude of abundance.  In the same way, a rich man could still have a poverty consciousness mentality because of his poor upbringing, even though there is no longer a rational reason for it.  Consider your financial position and what values you feel this is reflecting. Do you feel you are paid what you are worth?

Are you happy with your current situation? If yes, fantastic. If no, then what small step can you take right now to improve it?  

How does the way you spend your money reflect how you love and value you?

I find it interesting to notice how some people have no problem dropping hundreds of dollars on clothes, shoes, jewellery or anything externally focussed – and yet would never spend a cent on something like a massage or something that may help them feel good ‘on the inside’.  It’s an observation of how we all have different values and of course these change all the time.  Are you aware of what yours are?

Do you save regularly but feel guilty when you treat yourself?

Some people save religiously for a ‘rainy day’ but then feel guilty when they buy something ‘frivolous’.  Debt is a tricky area for most and let’s face it, no-one feels good about it but sometimes situations seem to snowball and before you know it, your credit card is maxed out.  If you have debts, consider what need you were trying to address.  This is not an opportunity to beat yourself up about, but to develop a deeper awareness about a part of you that is crying out for your attention in this way….

Start to take charge of your finances and notice how much more empowered you feel.  If you have bills piling up, consider sending gratitude to these providers of services and goods that you have already received.  I know that can feel difficult if you are stressed about your situation – but is feeling anxious helping you feel more able to deal with it?

Starting to become more aware of how you spend your finances will give you insights into another way of how you are valuing you.  This is an extremely important step on your journey of self-love.

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