Just wanted to say big thank you for my stream of inspiration reading. The sound of the water soothed my soul and the messages that came through were so perfect and I’m resonating with them deeply and lots of things are now popping! I also loved your voice and your beautiful accent it made me smile and is so comforting. Thanks again. 

Melinda Kleinhuis

Having worked with Michelle over the last decade I deeply respect her wisdom, depth of experience and she has one of the strongest psychic channels of anyone I know. When she launched the Stream of Inspiration offering I knew I needed to have one.  What a unique, truly beautiful, deeply powerful healing experience. In the days leading up to the session I could feel my crown chakra gently tingling and felt the sensation of light pouring through my energy field. I felt a definite shift in my mental, emotional and physical body as it received the healing from the water.  What came through was spot on, very helpful and has given me crystal clear clarity on how I can move ahead and best use my own creative energy in my life and work. Thank you Michelle.  

Sara Brooke

I felt called to reach out to Michelle for a reading/scrying, it felt right.  I was not disappointed, it totally ticked all my boxes & more. The guides knew me from thousands of miles away. We are all one & so connected. I felt heard and seen and most definitely I was on the right path. Michelle’s voice was soothing & gentle,the stream was so crystal clear to my ears, like I was right there at Rosemere. The reading helped me in so many ways validating a big new move I’d taken & all the ‘lonely feelings’ I’d been experiencing. Michelle’s reading re-connected me to the mother Earth, to the Grandma’s of old, and the songlines of this beautiful ancient land I live on. I recommend Michelle to anyone, you don’t have to be seeking answers, be open to believe & receive. Love is the connection to us all. It is gentle & as powerful as you want or need.

Jan Gorman

My Stream of Inspiration session with Michelle has been a catalyst for deep and empowering healing. Two days prior, I felt the energy of the session activate, as I went into a visceral experience, releasing very old embodied family and ancestral imprints. Once I received Michelle’s audio and written messages, it brought greater richness, context, colour, and support to what had been unfolding. Her reflections also opened new doors and provided pathways of exploration to deepen my personal medicine. Practically speaking, some of Michelle’s suggestions acted as nudges towards a more easeful and aligned direction. Three months on and much has shifted in very significant ways. I am deeply appreciative of Michelle’s strong ability to clearly channel my stream of inspiration (without human or personal distortion), as well as her Truth-telling capacity, always delivered with love and kindness. Thank you so much Michelle x 

Melissa Farrugia

I found my stream of inspiration session to be so healing, and so beautiful.  There were so many synchronicities with what I had been experiencing in my life, Michelle was spot on with everything and I received much wisdom about how to support myself during this time. 

Rachel Leigh

What an incredible experience! I really had no idea what to expect from the “Steam of Inspiration” session but I followed the curious pull and I’m delighted with it! Not only is the stream BEAUTIFUL to listen to, incredibly healing, but the guidance that came through was so spot on – covering everything from help with releasing stuck emotions, physical body support, places to visit, nuggets of information to help me come to a sense of peace about a decision I’ve been trying to make and some exciting threads to open up to and follow for the future. Incredible – and what’s amazing is that I didn’t tell Michelle anything in advance, it all flowed through her in the most perfect way! I highly recommend a session, let go and allow it to flow. Magical.

Amy Miller

It’s within the water element that I always receive wisdom and guidance, and the stream of inspiration delivered this in spades. In this session, I received flashes of insight, clarity and strong affirmation of different aspects of my life as a particular chapter is ending. Post session I feel the currents pulling me in very specific directions and I feel calm, focused, prepared and even more connected with nature as a result. Thank you Michelle and the stream at Rosemere for this special gift.

Megan Ezzy

Michelle’s inspiring session of validation by the stream of loving intent, truly felt like it was from the Grail Cup of my Soul’s desire, to finally release any and all past issues that have held me from living life with the inner sense of personal affirmation and authenticity. The timing was perfect and Michelle’s respect, honesty and dedication to allow her intuition to flow with the stream, felt light, magical and above all cleansing. Listening to the running waters of Rosemere throughout the session was very healing allowing what felt like a crystal clear effortless releasing on all levels of my Mind Body and Spirit. It is a stream of soul regeneration facilitated gently & beautifully by Michelle, with the deva of the healing spring imparting a sense of completion, of hope and new beginnings to be embraced. Each day since my session, I have felt lighter, burdens of the past lifted and understood. A great sense of excitement prevails as I step into the next chapter of this wondrous life. Thanks Michelle.

Annie Evans

“From the moment the session began I felt enveloped in love and light. Michelle guided me through a process of tapping into my womb space for guidance to reclaim my gifts and wisdom. I was extra delighted by the intuitive insights Michelle provided. I feel more trusting of my inner wisdom and thanks to Michelle – I can claim my role as a modern day oracle :)”

Kate Erlenbusch, Word Love

“I have worked with Michelle on a number of occasions for healing and also love her beautiful self-love products. Each time I have had a healing session with Michelle, I have been able to FEEL the difference in my body and my energy. Her intuition is spot on and she has been able to recommend strategies and techniques to me that have been very beneficial beyond the healing. She is a very gifted healer. I highly recommend working with Michelle or treating yourself to her divine self-love products.”

Melissa Zammit, Pure Energy Therapies

“Michelle is a true healer. When I saw my beautiful mandala for my Sacred Self session, I felt tingles. Her guidance was spot on. Even though Michelle was many miles away, I experienced a strong healing during a quiet reflection on the mandala. I was especially struck by her thoughtfulness in recommending perfect music and more.”

Dr Ezzie Spencer, Lunar Abundance

“I’d been navigating a tricky time in my life and Michelle’s name kept popping into my head — so I jumped in. Investing in a Womb Awakening session with her was, in a word, enriching. I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on everything we uncovered in our session and more and more continues to surface. There’s a lot of people talking about healing the feminine right now and unfortunately, not everyone is as genuine, experienced, well-researched, intuitive, capable and as professional as Michelle. My time spent with her was a gift and I am grateful to have had this sacred experience”

Claire Baker, Coach, Writer & Speaker

“I felt so deeply held and supported by Mother Gaia… Surrendering into the womb of mother Gaia was such a powerful process and a great tool to came away from the session with. And my totem animal! Many deeply held genetic patterns were brought to my conscious awareness. Thank you Michelle, the womb/hara awakening session was such a deep excavation of old, repressed energies. It felt like a great unveiling of a long forgotten part of me was taking place… a part that is coming home here to create in the magical, Earth plane.

Frank Boffa Meditation Facilitator & Healer

“Working with Michelle will change your life. She is so much more than a coach; she is intuitive, she is there for you 100% and her knowledge of everything from Astrology to Ayurveda to Aromatherapy (and they’re just the A’s!) constantly blows me away. Michelle draws on this knowledge at just the right moment to offer gentle guidance, coupled with powerful questioning so that you can forge your own path forward. I finished each session with a full heart and am so grateful to have had this opportunity.”

Amanda Rootsey, Youth Mentor, Writer, Coach, Eco-Model

“A couple of years ago I got Michelle to create me one of her amazing “signature sacred scents”. At the time I loved the oil she created for me and I was particularly impressed and appreciative of the written intuitive notes she gave me alongside the oil. So when I discovered that Michelle had started doing distant Sacred Self healing sessions I knew I had to have one. At the time of booking in the session it was the end of a very long, busy and hectic year. I had just finished up at my corporate job and was entering into a time of working on my own business full time. However, at a time when I should have been filled with excitement and motivation, I was just exhausted. Burnt out and emotionally flat. When I sat down to “call in” the energy of the healing I instantly felt a wave of deep peace and relaxation pour through my body. For the first time in weeks I finally started relaxing and since the healing I have noticed consistent shifts and clarity coming in. I feel back to “me” again. The intuitive notes that Michelle sent through were spot on and included many nuggets of wisdom and grounded practical advice of what I can do in my life moving forward. I know I will continue to refer to them over the year and use them as a guiding post. I highly recommend a distant healing with Michelle. She is compassionate, generous, very intuitive and gifted with what she does. A wise and grounded sage.”

Sara Brooke, Healer & Meditation Teacher, The Space In-Between

“Working with Michelle is a fabulous experience in putting myself first and stepping out of my comfort zone. To have the attention on me has been a challenge at times, but so much incredible growth and change has come as a result. I consider Michelle a “Self-love Guru” and I have thoroughly enjoyed putting the knowledge I already had (plus all the new things I learnt) into practice. The accountability:: perfect and what I needed to keep me on track. The changes happening in my life as a result :: soooo exciting.”

Renee Bell Photographer

“Working with Michelle is transformative. From our first conversation I felt I had known her for years. Her insight and compassion allowed me to shine a light on aspects of myself with ease and grace, providing opportunity for me to look at things with new eyes. Michelle’s style is so warm and natural, and her unconditional support and belief in my ability to effect change, propels me forward.”

Theresa Voigt, Soul Coach

“I joined the Beautiful You Coaching Academy via Michelle’s offering as an affiliate. This meant I received coaching with Michelle as well as her beautiful oils which I am thoroughly addicted to. (The Passion oil is so sexy!!! Yum!! Cannot get enough of it). Michelle’s coaching empowered me to step up to the next level to share my messages and offerings in a bigger and bolder way. The resources that Michelle has access to (and shares so lovingly) is very spiritually and emotionally nourishing. Being an empath and healer it was wonderful to work with Michelle who is also a highly intuitive light worker and healer. I felt very safe, nourished and empowered by her attention and guidance. It was also a very fun and happy experience. Michelle was perfect for me as I married both my coaching and energy healing skills into a delicious heart warming business. Thank you Michelle for all that you do! I am so glad I had the honour and joy to work with you!”

Freya Dwyer, Intuitive Coach, Energy Practitioner and Speaker

“Working with Michelle via Skype has been such an expanding experience. Michelle has a gentleness and wisdom which cuts to the heart of the matter while at the same time she makes you feel totally supported and loved throughout the journey (and it is a journey of self discovery). I am so grateful to have found Michelle at this time as I was sitting in a holding pattern of procrastination, not sure how to reconnect with myself or where to set my life’s direction. With Michelle’s guidance I now have a plan of action and a direction for my future that now not only seems a possibility but a “done deal”. I cannot recommend working with Michelle highly enough.”

Belinda Carpenter

“Michelle was a speaker at our annual Inspired Women event, sharing her story and knowledge of all things self-love and alchemical oils. Michelle was warm, engaging and entertaining as she spoke candidly and honestly to a room full of women eager to hear more. Full of heart, her passion shines through on stage and off! “

Jade McKenzie, Event Management & Coaching, EVENT HEAD, Australia

“When I approached Michelle for a Sacred Self Healing session, I was feeling quite overwhelmed and exhausted after such a big year personally and professionally. I was looking for some clarity to work out my next best steps and of course, Michelle’s words and guidance resonated so deeply with me. Everything that Michelle had mentioned and revealed to me within our session was music to my ears. It felt like a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders and it was such a wonderful permission slip to let go of the worry and enjoy all that I had already achieved. Her guidance reinforced to me that everything was unfolding exactly as it should, and it’s helped me to close out this year with so much more trust and peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Michelle!”

Natasha Sciotto, Coach, Healthy You, Happy Me

“What a wonderful experience. Michelle’s Sacred Self Session was truly magical. I’m in love with the beautiful healing mandala she created for me and really feel the healing power when I connect with it. Her report was incredibly detailed and spot on, offering guidance, advice and tools to move forward. Michelle is an very special and gifted healer and I feel truly blessed to have had this session with her”

Amy Miller, True Shining Self

“Michelle, thank you!! Your distance Sacred Self healing was spot on. I did the mandala yesterday and a meditation this morning with a kyanite crystal as suggested in the reading and a felt a lot of energy movement. I was taken back to a time in my life that was not a very happy one for me and was able to express and see the truth of the situation, the impact of my and others actions. I was able to see that this situation contributed to me not being my true authentic self and started my feelings of not being good enough. Thank you for helping me release that which no longer serves me. I am so excited to be moving forward without that programming anymore. Thank you!”

Dayna Leong, Australia

“Oh how I adore my personalised Sacred Scent let me count the ways. Seriously – I absolutely adore what the beautiful Michelle has created for me. It is love in a bottle – not any kind of love – MY LOVE. Each morning I dab it on and know that this is just for ME. I breath in the scent and it is little light switch goes off inside me. The scent feels powerful and yet feminine. I know that I am healing myself each time I wear it. It is funny because I have never smelt this combination of floral aromas before but you know what…..my soul knows the smell and a little whisper inside me says “Yes this is YOU. Thanks Michelle!”

Nicole Rowan Holt, Australia

“I enjoyed reconnected with my divine feminine, and realising that my soul (or womb) had been calling me towards that for some time. And on a practical note, Michelle helped me to establish practices that make me feel how I want to feel. The Womb Awakening session was beautiful, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It brought a beautiful awareness to the areas my soul has been calling me towards, and days after my session, I find myself always slipping back into that intention, and it feels good. It felt safe, supportive and just what I needed. Thank you Michelle, you’re a dream x”

Kate Caddle, Coach, Writer & Speaker

“After using the gorgeous Alchemical Oils for a while, I decided to have a Sacred Scent made by Michelle. Michelle is highly intuitive and the scent, as well as the personalised notes she provided resonated with me and what I need to focus on at this stage of my life. The oil makes a beautiful natural perfume but also works on an energetic level. Unlike mass produced perfumes, it’s made with love and with the highest intentions and best quality ingredients. I keep noticing new things about the scent and love putting a few drops in my bath. It’s so versatile and I love the beautiful energy of it. It’s been a lovely experience to have a perfume created that so unique and designed to reflect me. I highly recommend the Sacred Scent to anyone.“

Justyna Bilski

“The Alchemical You experience is a potent one. The combination of working with alchemical oils and guided journaling prompts allows for the old stories to bubble up to the surface and then dissolve naturally. With each new week a new theme is explored intentionally, resulting in lots of unconscious beliefs and patterns coming to the surface. People experience transformation on many levels and in different ways. For me personally, inner shifts are usually accompanied by physical shifts. So I was not surprised that the Alchemical You experience included visceral sensations as well as deep insights. I’d highly recommend working with alchemical oils in this way. Michelle has created something sacred.”

Kate Erlensbusch, Word Love

“Have you ever bitten into a Nutella sandwich only to discover – like a sledgehammer to the face – that it’s actually Vegemite? That’s how I’d describe the beginning of 2016. Not that it’s been bad – Vegemite is great – but there have definitely been some saltier more pungent moments, where I’d been expecting sweeter more delicious ones. In all the craziness, I let my self-care go. The effects were immediate – less energy, resilience and brightness. Last week I knew it was time to recommit. I found my way back to my early mornings, daily movement, long walks and rituals that make me feel grounded and whole. Listening to Bon Iver, having a mini-eTox, lighting candles and staring at the ocean. Again – the effects are immediate. Basically, here’s the unavoidable truth – when the shit hits the fan, no matter how hard it seems – you HAVE to keep yourself at the top of the pile. Set the boundaries, make the call, say the no’s, do the work and reap the rewards. The better you look after yourself the better equipped you are to look after others. This week I’m going deeper again. I’m starting one of the “Alchemical You” programs – a 5 week self-guided course that shows how to use alchemical oils alongside journalling and self-love rituals to feel the way you want to feel. There are 7 different courses/feelings to choose from… I chose to feel FREE. I’m already in love with the heavenly oils and the stunning workbook. Thank you gorgeous Michelle.”

Emily Ehlers, Storyteller & Copywriter

“My journey with LIGHT Alchemical You package was really powerful and potent. See it as a great opportunity to release old emotions and events from the past that may be holding you back. Sometimes we might feel we’ve done this, but some of the emotions are simply sitting there, unacknowledged and suppressed, weighing us down. As I went through my four week journey with the oils in the LIGHT series, I found myself cycling back through old emotions I thought I had long released. I gained a lot of new awareness and clarity as the series continued, and could really feel myself deeply integrating different aspects of me and my journey by the time I reached “Receive” week. Things lightened up a lot from there and using “Innocence” in the final week brought in a really fresh and playful energy. I really recommend this series if you’re actively wanting to release a past relationship, situation, negative old patterns and emotions or trauma of some kind. If you’re willing to embrace a little more of your shadow side and want to fully own and embrace where you are in your life right now, the LIGHT series and Michelle’s journalling prompts are a highly supportive way to do this in your own time and space.”

Kerry Rowett, Awaken Kinesiology

“I was so thrilled to receive my package and dig deeper into my intention of feeling more ‘Free’. Over the five weeks and working with each oil for a week, without a doubt it opened me up to receiving more guidance and clarity as I explored what was happening in my life and how I want to live each day. I carried each oil with me everywhere and used it throughout the day whenever I needed a reminder to return to the present moment and ask myself what I needed right then to feel free. It helped me through blocks that I had only set up for myself, and letting go of things of that weren’t as important and I’d made them out to be. The journal prompts made me question things I hadn’t even considered before, and whenever that happens, whenever we see an opportunity to perceive things in a new way, big shifts happen. In 2016 I will continue to work with these amazing oils, as Free, and Freedom, has become one of my words for the year. Pure magic and a beautiful tool to support your body, mind and spirit.”

Jo Klima, The Darling Tree

“I have been using Michelle’s oils for years now. I love them. However, taking the oils as an alchemical process really blew me away. The Adore journey took my awareness and respect of the oils to a much, much deeper level. Over the six weeks I was blown away as different layers, belief systems and old ways of being dissolved. I had some enormous realisations and clarity around myself that I had been trying to get to the bottom of for years.I loved the ritual of anointing myself each day with the oil of the week and loved seeing what shifts would occur. The journal prompts were fantastic and really empowered me to dig deep within myself and unearth what insights were ready to surface.

The most standout shift is the deep love of myself I have gained. The journey really allowed me to recognise how much I have grown and changed over the last few years. I feel much more balanced, calm and trusting. Now it’s time to truly live in the present moment rather than constantly look for things to “fix” within myself or delay my happiness until some “goal” is reached in the future. I am whole, complete and amazing, exactly as I am. What a gift.”

Sara Brooke, The Space In Between

“I’d already spent much of the year healing my relationship to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, so that I felt able to come into sacred wholeness and divine union with myself. Many of the deep wounds that required healing were made apparent throughout my relationship, and after an intense rollercoaster ride, we decided to go our separate ways. At a really pivotal time in my life, about a week after our separation, I began the Brave Journey. Each week of the journey uncovered shadow elements that I knew had been playing out in my relationship, though hadn’t been able to clarify before.

In Self-love week I realised all the ways that I had chosen away from myself and my soul-wisdom during the relationship, and every previous relationship I’d ever been in. All the subtle acts of self-betrayal and compromise away from my heart, which in the moment felt like nothing much, though had an accumulative effect. This realisation broke my heart and helped me to heal a deep pattern of self-neglect when in relationship with another. On the first day of Trust week, I had a strong aversion to working with the oil, so I knew it was going to be a big week! During the following seven days, I worked on healing elements of dis-trust in life; specifically trusting the natural rhythms, cycles and seasons of life. I’d been working on healing this pattern for months, so it was a relief to finally feel a sense of deep peace and reverence for the intelligence of the universe, and to feel patient for life to unfold in divine harmony. In Presence week, I noticed many subtle sabotage behaviours that I had been acting out, which I’d been oblivious to. Once I was aware of them, plus the flow on effects of the sabotage patterns, I began to choose my behaviour differently, in a much more empowered way. This spotlight was incredibly beneficial to have, and I’ve noticed positive shifts in my work and life as a result.

In the final week, Courage, I experienced a deep moment of reverence and bliss where I knew without question I’d come into my heart. The feeling of finally knowing my heart, and knowing that I had cultivated the strength to always choose in alignment with my heart – without fear of repercussion – was a profound moment of deepening into my power. This was the gift of the entire Brave Journey.”

Melissa Farrugia, Soul Wellness

“Motherlove Alchemical oil smells divine and feels like being totally held in the Divine Mother’s love. I put some on and it felt like such a relief, like everything is ok. I feel safe and held and any parts holding grief are supported to just Be. It’s amazing, a release taking place but I feel so incredibly held within it.”

Frank Boffa, Meditation Facilitator & Healer

“I like to incorporate bottles of alchemical oils into my healing work by opening a bottle of oil and setting it on my desk to infuse energy into a phone session, or by including closed bottles in healing mandalas. Oils I’ve found especially useful include Freedom, Motherlove, Peace, Presence, Respect, and Joy. Here is how these oils have shown up for me in my practice and my work with clients:

Respect is beautiful for grounding in respect for self and others, as well as respect for one’s own potential. I’ve recommended this label to other healers, who also found it helpful. Freedom is very supportive of cutting ties to the past and old energy, and moving forward into the next stage of growth. Peace, as I’ve experienced it, is about inner unity and alignment, and about gently calling attention to areas where one is not at peace with one’s self so they can be gently examined and worked with. Presence supports being grounded in the here and now. Motherlove is helpful for grounding in love in general as well as a sense of being nurtured and cared for. Joy supports radiance, happiness, and lightness of being.”

Rebecca Kellogg, Intuitive Healer, USA

“The purity and scent of the Self-love oil is very soothing after a long day on the go.”

Jason Secord, Ontario, Canada

“As a facilitator of personal development and corporate courses, I often work with clients who carry deep wounds or emotional resistances from the past. Recently I was given the ‘Let Go(d)‘ blend by a friend. I was amazed at the energetic difference it made to my facilitation skills. I wore it while running a weekend course … and I know it supported me in lifting the levels of trust and connection in the room. The ‘Let Go(d)‘ blend helped me to align with my higher self – to channel the energy and spiritual state needed to support my course participants in beginning a new journey towards trust, personal choice and hope.”

Shanti Clements, Australia

“Divine Man is a powerful blend that commands pause and reflection, enabling one to feel clarity and composure, and move with strength and stability as it simultaneously invites long-awaited changes that might otherwise have left you ungrounded, unnerved or unsure of yourself. Enables a re-awakening and deeper anchoring of the masculine aspects of oneself, providing a greater sense of personal protection and inner security.”

Robert Beno, Sydney, Australia

“My sister gave me a bottle of ‘Intimacy‘. Intrigued, I decided to apply it in advance of a rendez-vous with a ‘friend’ I don’t see very often. How I giggled inwardly when moments after meeting me he asked me to come closer – took my right arm and said “that smell . . God!” He proceeded to sniff my arm and wrist all over like a playful labrador pup . . . which of course made me laugh – all the time marvelling at your wonderful essence – and forgetting my concerns about my out of control looking hair. When we came to say goodbye, we kissed before I turned left and he turned right . . .whereupon he called me back . . . took my arm again and said . . . “oh that gorgeous smell!” I thought ‘”breathe it in man, breathe it in’” and headed away only too happy. It really works!”

Miriam, Cork, Ireland

“I have been using Sacred Self blends for a few years. I always keep one or two in my bag and find myself reaching for them during the day. For months I only used Self-love and could immediately feel a lightness descend as I put it on. I have been going through a lot of change while starting a new business, moving etc and I use Abundance for those cash-flow moments. I just love the Joy blend; it instantly makes me smile. I use theReceive blend when I meditate or just before sleeping. I use them instead of perfume (all natural so none of that alcohol smell) and do the affirmation as I apply them. It’s always a gorgeous moment. I have also been known to apply to them to whoever is with me and they’re always amazed at how powerful they are. You really feel their vibration. They really open your heart and people are always asking me what I’m wearing because I smell so good. What to say, I am a fan!”

Eilish Bouchier, Shashen Jewels

“During a particularly difficult transition time I used a combination of Self-love and Truth. I felt strongly that they assisted and supported me in accessing new and deeper levels of my own authentic truth, and in a way that was exciting, free and expressive. I believe Michelle and her creations are inspired from the highest.”

Nic Tovey, Soulcraft, Australia

“I find the Innocence oil really helps me to have a deep, relaxing and restful sleep; a centring and balancing combination that allows you to sink energetically into your body. It’s like the night stork that brings the new birth of hope, patience and peace to the waking consciousness. It supports and strengthens the inner child’s journey, providing a calming influence, nurturing and safe passage as we travel through the Universal Cosmic Womb.”

Annie Evans, Author, Teacher & Healer, Australia

“I have been using these blends since Sacred Self ‘s beginning for many years. These divinely guided products have assisted greatly in my healing journey and the healing journey of my clients. Each blend has provided a uniquely different healing experience with some amazing results.”

Matthew Carloss, Clairvoyant & Reiki Teacher, Australia

“Goddess is well…just divine. It’s so hard to put words to it as it has the most amazing subtleness yet in a powerful way but with the feminine essence of grace. The other distinctive experience I receive from your most divine blend is the beauty one feels when wearing it, again it’s powerfully subtle. Daily experiences are softened and generally it has an empowerment feel to it but definitely from the way a feminine would resonate with power. I can say with complete integrity that every woman should have a bottle of this! Thank you for this amazing experience i receive every daily….I’m totally addicted!”

Melissa Kishikaa Mladin, Artist, Australia

“I met the lovely Michelle McGrath at the AIK conference in Sydney in 2012 – As someone who has always been attracted to aroma I was drawn to her gorgeous smelling sacred self- love oils. I purchased self-love oil & have never looked back. I love the affirmations on the bottles which remind you while you are applying the oil of what to put out there! A few months ago I stocked up on 10 oils for my kinesiology practice and for myself. On Saturday I had my final Kinesiology exam – I decided to use sacred- self oil wisdom, the fragrance is absolutely divine, I applied it to my crown & heart & said the affirmation. My exam was a breeze, I had an air of confidence around me the whole day, normally I would feel anxious however, there was a beautiful feeling of calm around me & I believe the oil definitely helped me to stay focused & relaxed.I will continue to use these oils on myself & in my practice for years to come.”

Kerri Roach Amorah Kinesiology

“Love the magic of this blend…as a kinesiology student, this blend has been very effective in calming the Triple Heater (TH)meridian. For those who are not familiar with the TH, it is ‘the’ meridian that can undo all your good work. So nurturing and bringing ‘peace’ and not war (as this meridian is so familiar with) to this pathway helps calm your entire system. A big thank you to ‘Peace’! You make my sessions a lot easier and convenient ;)”

Monique Thomas

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