Here we are with our ‘Practitioner of the Month’ spot where I highlight the work of a wonderful holistic practitioner, who also incorporates Sacred Self Alchemical oils as a supportive tool in their business.   This month, it’s the turn of the gorgeous Kerry Belviso of Awaken Kinesiology in Melbourne, Australia.  Kerry works with clients face-to-face in the CBD and Port Melbourne, and also runs a limited number of sessions via Skype.   Kerry is the creator of the Heal My Adrenal Fatigue e-course which starts on September 8th (which I’m delighted to be contributing to). Read all about the course and listen to the FREE call here: and visit her at

I had the pleasure of connecting with Kerry a couple of years ago and we co-hosted “A Day of Self-love” in Melbourne in October 2012 and have also participated in a couple of each other’s ecourses.  I’ve personally experienced Kerry’s work firsthand and highly recommend her.  She combines knowledge and experience, with a very caring and compassionate nature.   So check out below what Kerry has to say about Kinesiology and how she works.

Kinesiology is not magic, but it can sometimes feel that way.  Many of my clients visit me with long lists of issues they’d like to work through and are surprised to find that due to the holistic nature of Kinesiology we often address them all within the session – and they are often interconnected!  Many of my clients experience stress, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue symptoms or feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed.

The process of Kinesiology helps you connect to your own wisdom. As information comes up through each session (via muscle testing with your body), you gain a greater understanding of what’s going on for you on a deeper level and where it comes from.

This awareness can help you create enormous change. In addition, the energy work helps you release old patterns, thoughts and stories that no longer serve you, so you can start to move forwards. A big part of what we are doing in your Kinesiology session is aligning you to your goals and helping you get really clear on what you want to create in your life. We are all responsible for making our own changes, but Kinesiology can be very supportive.

It’s a really empowering process and always comes back to helping you connect more deeply to yourself and release what is specifically blocking you from achieving what you really want so you can move forwards with greater ease.

I use the Sacred Self Alchemical oils in nearly every session.  When I need to hold an acupressure point, or work with a chakra in a session, I always ask: do I need to use anything to support this?  The Alchemical oils are one of the options I always test. When a particular oil comes up, I use that as a basis to ask more questions and help my client gain more awareness around the issues they’re working on. I use the oil itself on the acupressure point or in the chakra. I also apply the oil to the client’s wrist so they can breathe it in and of course that process of simply breathing in the oils is often very calming and clearing.

That’s great, thank you so much Kerry.  Check out this brief video below (excuse the beginning with the time delay and frozen screen) where Kerry gives some specific examples of situations with clients.

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