An important part of our self-love journey is learning to receive.  This can sometimes be as simple as taking time out to be still enough to hear our own inner wisdom.  As someone who has a tendency to say yes and overcommit, I’ve learnt that if I don’t take the time out when I need to, the universe will make the decision for me.

Last year in the period between Christmas and New Year 2011, I made a conscious decision to stop, reflect and do nothing except meditate, sleep, write in a journal and create a vision board, getting very clear on what my priorities were for the coming year.  This worked so perfectly with a year of continual synchronicity and 90% of my intentions manifested into my reality.  Thus 2012 was a really pivotal year for me.

Whilst meditating with Manifestation Alchemical oil, created on 12/12/12, it became apparent to me that I needed to hone in on 3 intentions for the year and forget anything else that was not a supporting action.  One of my intentions for 2013 is to attract into my life a beautiful divine partner for a loving relationship.  Ok I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve been asking for a Divine Union, with a man that I can connect with in a healthy, mutually empowering way on every level.  I have at times wondered if this mortal man exists. In my heart, I truly believe that yes he does, this IS possible and that if it’s not yet in my reality, then on some level I mustn’t be ready for what I’m asking for.

Being on a journey of self-love mastery and all the challenges and gifts that has brought me over the last 10 years, including a divorce, I’ve had to delve deep (an understatement).  I believe I can only ever attract what I am embodying and that I need to be a vibrational match of the divine man I want to bring into my life. This truth has been reinforced to me over and over again, the times I’ve attracted certain people into my life who are mirroring aspects of myself that I’m healing and balancing.  If according to the Law of Attraction, everything is energy and we’re all connected, what other possibility is there?

I decided to treat this intention seriously, kickstart my year and declare it strongly to the universe.   It was time to superboost my intention and bring in some angelic magic from the wonderful Belinda Davidson I chose to invest in myself and go inward with a 3 Day White Light Healing Intensive and let myself receive.  We set aside some sacred time from 27th-29th December.

How often do you invest in yourself?  Is there a special wish that you would like to energise in this way and receive some extra divine assistance?

It’s wonderful to experience synchronicities once you make a very clear decision.  I then spotted this drinking glass in a healthfood shop with the message “I am completely in love” on the bottom of it as you can see in the photo.     

I burst out laughing at how appropriate it was as part of the White Light Healing Intensive is to place a glass of water beside you, that is energised with the white light, while you are receiving.  You then drink the water after you have received your treatment for that day.   I’m sure you’ve heard of the amazing work of Dr Emoto and the research he has conducted with water and how powerfully our intentions impact and effect water. 

Each morning of the 3 days of the White Light Healing Intensive, I cleansed my bedroom energetically with intention (you also receive suggestions of how to do this when you book if you’re not sure) and then lit a candle.  I lay down and stated my intention of being open to receive the White Light to assist me with preparing for my new love relationship. I felt as though Belinda was in the room with me, as soon as I stated my intention aloud.

Everything is intention and over the years I’ve received various distant healings and also conducted them, so I know with 100% certainty that geographical separation is irrelevant. I’ve had some extremely powerful experiences.  Having connected with Belinda, received her FREE White Light Healings every Monday evening and read her blog posts, I intuitively felt very confident about the integrity of her work. 

I immediately relaxed into a deep meditative space and felt completely relaxed and peaceful.  On the second day, I passed into a trancelike state most deeply and came out of it an hour and a half later.  This made sense to me, because the first day is more about your energy being attuned to the White Light that is being sent to you.  On the third day, I opened my eyes suddenly and just knew it was finished exactly 60 minutes later.

As it so happened, I barely spoke to anyone during that time and was deeply introspective. I also became aware of some old memories surfacing and releasing at a cellular level from past relationships, always a good sign of further letting go!  Another aspect I became aware of was some resistance to a relationship surfacing that I observed.  Better to have this come into conscious awareness, rather than it remain unconscious, which is why White Light Healing is ideal for something of this nature.  I also don’t think it was a coincidence that I heard from 3 exes during that week.

Often people struggle with spending money on something that they can’t yet see, but would have no issue spending on money on new clothes, for example.  Whereas I truly believe and it’s my reality, that I manifest more easily when I’ve focused on what’s going on with my energy and how I feel inside.  When you invest in yourself, you’re making a commitment and saying ‘I’m worth it’.   To me, this is an important aspect of self-love, in that you invest time and money on yourself in the same way as you would treat anyone you love.  So watch this space and I’ll let you know when the Love God arrives 😉

I would love to hear if you have experienced White Light Healing with lovely Belinda.   

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