Love in a bottle?

It started back in 2002 with a simple question that arose when meditating. “What do I most need to solve every ‘issue’?” Self-love.  Another thought – “imagine if I could bottle it”.  I saw ingredients going into a bottle and the vision was so immediate and clear I decided to create it and see what it was like.

I began to meditate and bathe with Self-love Alchemical oil before sleeping and had the craziest dreams – all related to self-esteem issues. I would wake up feeling like I’d been in a workshop all night and perceive certain situations differently.  Lots of anger and other intense emotions came to the surface to be released. 

I realised it was a powerful tool for clearing unconscious, emotional build-up.  I started to feel much lighter and less reactive.  Not completely certain whether or not this was just for me, I gave it to others to try and received interesting feedback.  They also had strong releases and shifts in their perception.  This Self-love oil seemed to have an energy and life of its own.

I started to receive other combinations of Alchemical oils following or preceding particularly challenging times. It was as though certain emotional blockages within me underwent a transformation and then were transmuted into a combination of ingredients. There were many times when I wondered if I was going insane and how long this was going to continue. Some years were more intense than others.

This has been a very intense, internal process and quite a lonely journey.   These oils are gifts from and to the most challenging aspects of myself.  It has not been ‘light and fluffy’ in any way, but it’s been invaluable in terms of what I have learnt about myself and others. 

It made me realise how little I was actually ‘feeling’ and how disconnected I was from my physical body, spending most of the time living inside my overactive head.   So it has unfolded in this way and there will be 33 in this self-love range by January 2012.  Join me on this journey into your heart. Who knows where it may lead?? 😉

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