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Fascinated with exploring the unique gifts and paths of women, Michelle Marie McGrath is an Intuitive Womb Guide, creator of Sacred Self alchemical oils range, writer and speaker.

Her mission is to help women connect to their own sacred self – to live a life based on self-love, truth and freedom. Michelle mentors women who are ready to birth their soul gifts into the world and create a life true to their own values.

Michelle is also the host of popular podcast Unclassified Woman which explores the lives of women who are childfree or childless, birthing alternative lives of purpose and meaning.

Sharing her passion and expertise about self-love, creativity, alchemical aromatherapy, the Divine Feminine and mysteries of the womb is both a pleasure and a privilege.

A multi-passionate creative, Michelle integrates 20 years of holistic experience with training in many energetic healing modalities with professional aromatherapy, bodywork, meditation facilitation, coaching, crystal vibrational therapy, mystery school teachings, labyrinth work and vibrational essences.

Michelle’s life started to transform when she asked herself what she most needed. The answer was ‘self-love’.

Not understanding what she was embarking upon, she made a commitment to embrace 100% self-love and dissolve everything not in alignment with her highest truth. What followed was more than a decade of deep, inner excavation and self-enquiry, including 8 months with the unconscious medium, Joao de Deus in Brazil.

Michelle received life’s greatest gifts behind doorways of anxiety, depression, insomnia, betrayal, divorce and miscarriage.

She believes that magic occurs when we view these challenges as the life-changing opportunities that they are and start to become deeply honest with ourselves.

Michelle is always grateful to be featured in online and press publications.

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Want to get closer to your truth? '7 Days of Truth-telling' FREE eCourse

I consent to the Privacy Policy and to receiving regular emails from Michelle Marie McGrath

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