With 2012 getting off to a speedy start and another birthday on the horizon, I’ve been reflecting on the year gone by.  With the creation of “Passion” Alchemical oil this time last year and the affirmation “I live my passion” I decided to spend the year exploring what this meant to me.  I didn’t connect it to sex, but more about what lit me up from the inside; when did I feel most alive and joyful.  One of the first words that came to me when I asked myself ‘what do I love? What do I feel passionate about?’ was chocolate.  I love chocolate!  I know, I know…it’s trivial….but it really was the first word that came to me.  So I listened  and asked myself  ‘how can I explore chocolate more deeply?’.  The response I received was  ‘maybe I could learn to make chocolate with someone who is really passionate about it?

I had already decided I was going to Europe to visit my family in the UK so I decided to check and see if would be possible for me to fit in a chocolate-making course somewhere fantastic.  I chose Rococo Chocolates in London as I knew the company well and some of their organic chocolate bars also combined another passion of mine – aromatherapy essential oils. HEAVEN!   I contacted them to book a place and was told ‘sorry, we’re fully booked’.  Disappointed, I said a heartfelt prayer to the chocolate angels asking to please remove any obstacles to my year of exploring my passion and then just let it go.

The next morning I had a call from Rococo informing me that someone had just cancelled and so there was now a place for me. Yay!  My Mum and I had discussed going back to Belgium together to revisit a place we had lived in when I was a baby.   All I could think of was ‘what better place than Belgium to continue exploring my passion for chocolate?’  So after a fabulous day at Rococo Chocolates, where I learnt to temper chocolate and make bars and truffles, we flew to Belgium. My Mum and I consumed our bodyweight in chocolate in Brussels and Brugge and had the most divine time.

There are literally chocolate shops on every corner.   Did I decide after that trip that I wanted to move back to Europe, become a chocolatier and find my Johnny Depp lookalike?   Well maybe yes… 😉  (I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Johnny and if the rumours are true, he may well be single).

The point I’m trying to make in a longwinded way, is that I just allowed myself to explore it purely for the enjoyment.  I also managed to do this whilst including another passion of mine – travel – whilst having quality time with my Mum.

What do you associate with the word ‘passion‘ and how can you explore what lights you up from the inside more deeply?  Tell me which passion are you exploring this year before Friday 17th February and I will send a bottle of “Passion” Alchemical oil to one reader. Come on, oh passionate ones 😉


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