Standing at the doorway of not yet – so what now?

What if in the ‘meantime’ really means in the ‘me-time’ and is an invitation to go deep,
right into ourselves?
The blank page of not-yet-ready-to-be-seen.
What if these in-between times are invitations to reveal to us what we are made of?
Who we really are.
When all is flowing smoothly, it’s easy to take it all for granted, become complacent or
write in your gratitude journal.
What if these uncomfortable twisty-turny lanes are where we need to do a 20-point turn to be redirected
onto our true paths?
Maybe this is what is meant by the path less travelled.
If the path is clear and well-trodden then it’s NOT our true path. 
The difference between a leader and a follower.
Surely ‘our’ path is wild, uneven and and unmarked as no-one has been that way before? 

What if the fact that you have no clue what you are doing – means you are totally, certainly, absolutely, exactly right on track?  

 You are at the beginning of an adventure into who you are being called to be – a more expanded version
of yourself, vastly different from the shiny, social media image.
Where is the uncomfortable achy-ness, heavy uneasiness leading you?
Which rock are you being asked to overturn, to seek the treasures underneath?
Which secret doorway may be hidden from view until you STOP. PAUSE. BREATHE and
look around for a moment, and say the Abracadabra of our times “I surrender“.
What if when we reach for the lifejacket and say “I’m drowning in overwhelm and can’t see through
this fog of uncertainty” is the moment that we receive the support we need?
What if the friction, the uneasiness, the discomfort, the terror and the feeling of not fitting
right here in this spot, in this place, with these people, are merely birthing pangs?
Maybe this is THE sign you were waiting for, that means ‘hey you’ve outgrown this space’
but the next one is still cooking in the oven of your dreams.
What is yearning, burning, to be noticed in your merry-go-round of ‘doing’ and ‘busy’?
Hiding just of reach from you, like the moon shielding her luminosity from view.
A nervous Dame about to go on stage, taking a few deep breaths, shaking behind the curtain, before…… 
The hush…..the chills, the anticipation, a clearing of the throat before declaring the next words;
the words that could change everything. Everything.
What if this limbo-land awkwardness is course-correcting you to go where you’ve never gone before,
to lead you into who you REALLY are?
Beckoning you forward like a guiding mother, anxiously watching her baby take those first shaky steps.
What if this is your opportunity to break out of your comfort zone of complacency, of scrolling, of ‘observing’ what others are doing, of ‘liking’
but not really, passionately, fervently forging into pastures new of your own creation?

What if? 

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