Hi gorgeous! I’m Michelle Marie McGrath.

I’m a mystical midwife for magical mavens.
For the past 22+ years I’ve guided women around the world to reconnect to the magic of their sacred self
when they’ve (temporarily) forgotten it’s inside, with the support of the elements, seasons and the stars.

I’m passionately committed to blazing my own trail, by embodying my intuitive and creative gifts.
One of my superpowers is reminding you of yours.
Welcome! Let’s delve into life’s magic and mystery together.

Elemental Oracle, Star Priestess, Soul Reader, Alchemical Aromatherapist,
Dream Midwife, Intuitive Womb Guide, Sacred Scribe, Tree Talker, Self-love Coach.

Latest on the Unclassified Woman Podcast

66: The Female Orator with Adebisi Adewusi

66: The Female Orator with Adebisi Adewusi

Welcome to another fabulous episode of Unclassified Woman. Today I'm delighted to share my conversation with Adebisi Adewusi, based in Nigeria. How much courage does it take to REALLY go against what society deems the norm? As far as women’s rights and feminism have...

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65: How to be chic with Fiona Ferris

65: How to be chic with Fiona Ferris

Welcome to Unclassified Woman. Today I'm speaking to Fiona Ferris, based in beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  Are you content with the way things have turned out in your life? Some people spend too much time and energy living with regret or wistfulness for what...

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64: Mermaid & Swan Magic with Seren Bertrand

64: Mermaid & Swan Magic with Seren Bertrand

Welcome to Unclassified Woman. I have another fascinating episode for you. Grab a cuppa and your notebook as it's a long one, packed with lots of gems. Today I'm speaking with a treasured mentor of mine, Seren Bertrand. It's always such a pleasure to speak to her as...

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The end: this is the beginning

Since the beginning of April 2020, each time I strolled around Rosemere I found myself continually noticing an Elder tree and had the sense it was trying to attract my attention. Yes really. There are two small elder trees which lean together and form a natural...

The book that wants to be written by you

At the end of 2018 I declared 2019 My Year of Writing. I was going to stop faffing about, stop ‘thinking’ about writing and get on with it. I decided to write about what was helpful for me during my writing process in 2019 - also so that I can remember it. Often we...

A Season of Alchemical Change

When we have a full moon or a lunar eclipse, often patterns are illuminated that we had not been aware of. OR patterns that we had been aware of, but had been ignoring....but realise that we can't ignore any longer.  When we see certain situations in glaring...

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