Womb Awakening 3 Moons cycle


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This will include a bottle of Womb Love Alchemical oil and Self-love Alchemical oil.

6 sessions during a 3 month period= 2 sessions each month.

The womb is the mystery of all mystery schools

Journey into your feminine creation portal and the home of your intuition: your womb space. (the hara space for men).

This is just as valid and important, whether or not you still have a physical uterus and ovaries.

Is it time to reconnect to your magical, creative centre from which everything is birthed into existence? This is the source from where you create everything in your life.  So what is it that you ready to birth?

Many women today, when contemplating their womb space, sadly feel associations of pain, discomfort and inconvenience.

Life experiences tied to the menstrual cycle, the pill, sexuality and fertility are not always pleasurable and joyful.

The majority of women do not necessarily celebrate these natural cycles, as this is not something that we learn.

It’s time for this to change so we can harness this power within.

For more info see: Womb Awakening 

Prior to your first session you will receive a short questionnaire in order to stir the cauldron and bring to the surface what most needs loving attention at this time.

The session takes place on Skype so wherever you are is perfect.

I will send the questionnaire to you once you have booked your session and we have confirmed a time. 
If you would like to pay in 2 payments, then let me know, as that is possible.


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