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Amplify your life force with Brave Alchemical You. Energy to the max without a drop of caffeine!



Introducing: Brave Alchemical You 

A unique, curated collection of alchemical oils designed to facilitate inner transformation. 

Each collection is accompanied by a digital self-coaching guide/journal PDF.

In this fast-paced, artificially fragranced world, we’ve forgotten that the true power of scent is sacred and subtle.

The power of aroma transforms and transports us to other realms, states and worlds. Our sense of smell is so deeply connected to our sense of imagination and contains the magical, limitless power to affect our feelings and behaviour. When used as a sacred tool, scent provides the signals your brain needs to transform.

What if you could:

  • Use the power of scent to establish and embody new ways of feeling and being in the world?
  • Harness your memory-encoding sense to erase limiting thoughts and beliefs, and re-code with powerful, lovingly aligned ones?
  • Create and establish a daily self-love ritual?

Brave – Alchemical You  

A unique, curated collection of alchemical oils designed to facilitate inner transformation. Each collection is accompanied by a self-coaching guide.

Start your 5 week journey into yourself.

Using this set of complementary alchemical oils, you are guided through a process of inner alchemy. Each week you work with an oil to embed your intention and affirmation into your very being. (Smelling good enough to eat? Bonus.)

As you work through the guided journal to process new insights you’ll record new perceptions and aha moments.

What could have taken months or even years to shift with self-reflection alone, transforms within weeks. This is the power of scent when used intentionally.

Sacred Self Alchemical Oils are created with organic oils, infused with flower and gemstone essences, and hand-blended during an ecstatic ceremony. Store your oils in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, and they’ll last for up to a decade!

What do you want to shift? What do you feel called to change within (and without)?

There are many ways to answer these questions. The easiest and most reliable question to ask is:

How do you most want to feel?

Your feelings will lead the way.  At this time you have chosen: Brave

BRAVE Alchemical You

Whether you need cellular-level courage to deliver that big presentation, impress at a job interview or start dating (again).  Whether you are struggling to release a comfortable (but unhealthy) habit or to remind yourself that you are capable of making your dreams happen – You Are Brave!

Courage and conviction can be coded into your Being.


Digital self-coaching guide/ journal  PDF +  5 Alchemical Oils

Self-love: I love and accept myself 

Trust: I trust myself

Let Go(d): I let go and let God

Presence: I am safe in my body

:Courage: The power is within me


Kind words

“I’d already spent much of the year healing my relationship to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, so that I felt able to come into sacred wholeness and divine union with myself. Many of the deep wounds that required healing were made apparent throughout my relationship, and after an intense rollercoaster ride, we decided to go our separate ways.

At a really pivotal time in my life, about a week after our separation, I began the Brave Journey. Each week of the journey uncovered shadow elements that I knew had been playing out in my relationship, though hadn’t been able to clarify before. 

In Self-love week I realised all the ways that I had chosen away from myself and my soul-wisdom during the relationship, and every previous relationship I’d ever been in. All the subtle acts of self-betrayal and compromise away from my heart, which in the moment felt like nothing much, though had an accumulative effect. This realisation broke my heart and helped me to heal a deep pattern of self-neglect when in relationship with another.

On the first day of Trust week, I had a strong aversion to working with the oil, so I knew it was going to be a big week! During the following seven days, I worked on healing elements of dis-trust in life; specifically trusting the natural rhythms, cycles and seasons of life. I’d been working on healing this pattern for months, so it was a relief to finally feel a sense of deep peace and reverence for the intelligence of the universe, and to feel patient for life to unfold in divine harmony.

In Presence week, I noticed many subtle sabotage behaviours that I had been acting out, which I’d been oblivious to. Once I was aware of them, plus the flow on effects of the sabotage patterns, I began to choose my behaviour differently, in a much more empowered way. This spotlight was incredibly beneficial to have, and I’ve noticed positive shifts in my work and life as a result.

In the final week, Courage, I experienced a deep moment of reverence and bliss where I knew without question I’d come into my heart. The feeling of finally knowing my heart, and knowing that I had cultivated the strength to always choose in alignment with my heart – without fear of repercussion – was a profound moment of deepening into my power. This was the gift of the entire Brave Journey.” 

Melissa Farrugia, Soul Wellness


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