Cosmic Chalice




Special introductory offer until 1st May 2023

Ready to explore the gifts revealed in the skies at the moment of your birth in a Cosmic Chalice session?

An entire cosmos of possibilities exist within your divine blueprint.

Cosmic Chalice Session

Let’s dive into the starry map of your soul through the lens of the empowering goddess archetypes. We’ll explore the opportunities that exist, taking into account your natal strengths and see how you can integrate these into an embodied pathway.

Your soul map is so multi-layered and as deep as the cosmic ocean.  As you unlock the key of Chiron, acknowledge the wisdom of Saturnia and understand the abundance of Jupitera, you’ll connect more deeply to the elemental weaving of your sacred soul path. How are the potent lunar nodes manifesting in this lifetime? This knowledge empowers you to embrace all you are – the light, the dark and all the shades in between. Are you feeling the magnetic pull of your ancient wisdom? It would be my honour to accompany you along the moonlit path, like the millennia of starwatchers before us.

I light a candle and set an intention to connect with your soul blueprint, guided by the Cosmic Queen of the Silver Wheel, Arianhrod, and ask what is most beneficial for you to receive at this time – for your highest potential. I spend an hour hour or more, connecting with your chart as preparation before our face-to-face time. All souls are connected, so it makes no difference wherever we are in the world.


Ready to claim your sacred space with me? Let’s weave magic and mystery! 

When I receive your booking (enter your date, time and place of birth in the comments box), I’ll email you to organise a time to connect on Skype – 60-70 mins. You will receive: an audio recording later of our session and I’ll share with you a copy of your chart created on

Embracing her creative spirit,
She chooses to bloom.
Aligned with the seasons
And enchanted by the moon 🙂




My reading with Michelle was amazing. It was deep and inspiring and she brought through many insights into my soul’s path. I found it empowering and activating and it helped me to see my gifts. Michelle is very intuitive and connected to the stars and the cosmos. I would highly recommend her for a reading.  Iona Jones 


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