Cosmic Chalice



Ready to explore the gifts revealed in the skies at the moment of your birth in a Cosmic Chalice session?

An entire cosmos of possibilities exist within your divine blueprint.

Cosmic Chalice Session

Let’s dive into the starry map of your soul through the lens of the empowering goddess archetypes. We’ll explore the opportunities that exist, taking into account your natal strengths and see how you can integrate these into an embodied pathway.

Your soul map is so multi-layered and as deep as the cosmic ocean.  As you unlock the key of Chiron, acknowledge the wisdom of Saturnia and understand the abundance of Jupitera, you’ll connect more deeply to the elemental weaving of your sacred soul path.

How are the potent lunar nodes manifesting in this lifetime? This knowledge empowers you to embrace all you are – the light, the dark and all the shades in between. Are you feeling the magnetic pull of your ancient wisdom? It would be my honour to accompany you along the moonlit path, like the millennia of starwatchers before us.

I light a candle and set an intention to connect with your soul blueprint, guided by the Cosmic Queen of the Silver Wheel, Arianhrod, and ask what is most beneficial for you to receive at this time – for your highest potential. I spend 1-5-2 hours, connecting with your chart as preparation before our face-to-face time. All souls are connected, so it makes no difference wherever we are in the world.


Ready to share sacred space with me? Let’s weave magic and mystery! 

When I receive your booking (enter your date, time and place of birth in the comments box), I’ll email you to organise a time to connect on Skype – approx 75 mins.

(It is no longer free on Zoom, after 30 minutes, whereas Skype still is free).

You will receive: an audio recording later of our session and I’ll share with you a copy of your chart created on as well as a 1 page PDF table summary of the house themes and suggested Goddess archetypes.

Embracing her creative spirit,
She chooses to bloom.
Aligned with the seasons
And enchanted by the moon 🙂


Kind Words 

Our session together was so insightful, it was a rebirth for me into who I am. I have had multiple readings before and I have to say they were more limiting than expansive. With Michelle I got to see how everything is part of the bigger picture and can be a gift as well if I just accepted and worked with it instead of victimizing myself with the knowledge. The fact that the whole reading was based in feminine understanding with an expanded feminine consciousness spoke to my heart and body equally. Michelle is very intuitive as well as knowledgeable so most of her insights were spot on. The least I can say is that I feel empowered in who I am after our reading together. Zelphira Ghoname, Giza Egypt
My session with Michelle was inspiring and I have so much to explore. I love how her work with Goddess Centered Astrology explores all the aspects of the Archetypes and how they can be woven together to help me embody my unique blueprint. I had so many “ah ha” moments during our session as I realised ways life had guided me back onto my path. Every aspect is included and the gifts integrated in this beautiful, whole approach to exploring a Natal Chart. I will be continuing to explore and work with what came up during our session. Nina Armstrong, Northern Ireland.

My reading with Michelle was amazing. It was deep and inspiring and she brought through many insights into my soul’s path. I found it empowering and activating and it helped me to see my gifts. Michelle is very intuitive and connected to the stars and the cosmos. I would highly recommend her for a reading.  Iona Jones, Glastonbury, England

My Cosmic Chalice Session with Michelle was truly beautiful. As a priestess, the combination of both astrology reading and Goddess infused wisdom was divine. Michelle poured her heart into the session and I felt incredibly seen, held and encouraged. So many things landed deeply in my heart and a week later I am still working through the depth of meaning that so much of what my chart showed means to me at this mid-life point of my being. I highly recommend this beautiful session to anyone seeking astrological and soul guidance. Thank you Michelle!  Julie Parker, Victoria, Australia

What I most received was the energy transmission.  I felt as if I had entered the Greening world or the Old Ways and the sacred feminine that I am just learning to perceive. It was a beautiful energy and I felt blessed to have had a moment there.   Experiencing the embodied feminine – which I feel I have not known – was a beautiful awakening gift.  The green tendrils are growing in me. Michelle has a very welcoming energy and there is an allowance to be exactly as you are – including your astrological aspects!  I felt allowed to be exactly me.  That is healing truly, in itself.  Everything was made right. The areas in myself, in my astrology that I have felt ashamed of, were seen as a wild flower, or a spider, or any other part of nature.  The reading helped me to experience wholeness.  It was life affirming, exactly as life is, honoring the magic that is about.  The focus was on the magic!  I loved it. Christy Petrandis, Florida, USA

I’ve had healings and readings from Michelle in many forms over the years as her intuition and wisdom is so potent and helpful. I was drawn to a Cosmic Chalice session as I knew the deep learning Michelle had done in this area and my session did not disappoint! Michelle was able to point out patterns and themes and I particularly enjoyed looking at my North Node and what that means about what I can step into over the coming years. Very insightful and empowering. Highly recommended to anyone seeking deep insight from a very experienced and powerful healer. Kerry Rowett, Adelaide, Australia

Through my Cosmic Chalice session with Michelle, I found a new way to look at my life. It was like Michelle helped cleared the lens so that I could see what my true gifts, talents and lessons are here in this lifetime. The whole way through our session, I was constantly nodding, as it was like she was reading my book of life, mirroring back to me what I knew deep down, but didn’t have the courage to really embrace. Thank you so much Michelle for such an empowering session. Kate Britton, Victoria, Australia


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