Elderflower Essence & Activation


Elderflower vibrational essence & audio activation, created at Rosemere Cornwall.

‘I am the Lady of Death. I am the Guardian of the first and last breath.’



The first of the  Rosemere Remedies first created on 5th/6th June 2020.

You will receive:

  • An audio activation from the Elderflower.
  • 30ml dosage bottle of Elderflower Essence 

Elderflower essence ingredients: Elderflower vibrational essence with spring water & certified organic vodka (Sacred Spirits Vodka).

How to use: The suggested time frame is to take for 5 weeks each evening before bed. A drop in your crown and 4 drops in a glass of water.

The Elderflower essence resonates with the number 13, the Death card in the tarot and connects into the wise woman energy, endings. releasing, embracing the grieving process and then a new chapter. The first words I heard were ‘I am end, I am the end. I am the lady of death. Therefore I am the beginning.’ (I discovered later after researching that the Elder Tree is the last in the Celtic Ogham calendar and there are thirteen!) I was instructed very clearly that this is not for those under age 33.

More about this process here. 



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